Boy – thanks to everyone who entered the competition. I am feeling very humbled by your entries.

The entries made me feel like paying it forward to everyone of you and  it’s really hard to choose the winner(s), soo I am giving away a second prize of 2x$50 credits.

The winners of the second prize (drum rolls) are … Jen from Beyond the Baby and the nominator Cassie from Avidiva, you both receive $50 credit each toward any graphic design items you would like for me to create for you.

Jen’s aiming to  create a valuable resource for parents with her site Beyond the Baby – somewhere they can get unbiased information about all areas of parenting and that sounds like paying forward to me!

Cassie paid  it forward to Jen because:
I don’t mind if I don’t win but the reason that I am writing is because I wan’t to pay it forward to Jen from Beyond the Baby – i really believe in her and her vision for the ‘Beyond the Baby’ site! Plus i am a true believer that the success you have in your working life is so dependent upon the beautiful and helpful people you come across along the way – even more so when you are starting your own business! Jen has been so helpful for Avidiva, well not just Avidiva looks like she helps HEAPS of WAHM’s!! – she deserves some good in return!

And the first winners of the our “Pay It Forward Competition” is… (drum rolls….)

Vanessa Heijden at who is nominated by Gina – you both won $100 credit each to use for any graphic design items!

Here is Gina’s entry:
I would like to nominate Vanessa Heijden at for she is a mum of 3, works 24/7 on 3 businesses. She has put not only blood sweat and tears(no really i’v seen it!!!) but also a cheerful enthusiastic demeanor in spite of her husband working in WA. She is a 1 woman show, and let me tell u what a show, you will want to give a standing ovation. She runs a event management service and also makes bridal bouquets from a new innovate product called Birchwood Roses. She is also dipping her toe into the world of custom car prints and producing collectable calenders. This woman just amazes me. As well as having 3 beautiful angels for children she also finds the time to help me with my new venture in upcycling. Sh eek out time to crochet opshop wool into a useable product for me to add to my creations. And if thats not enough she also advises me on all the tech stuff I don’t know about business. This girl rawwwwks, never out of ideas and to top it off, does it with an ear to grin on her face. This girl deserves a pay it forwards she pays all the time and asks for nada in return xxx

I love the way you describe Vanessa as someone who does it with an ear to ear grin on her face, Gina – and I think she deserves to win!!

Congratulations to all winners, I am looking forward to be working with you and creating exciting designs for your businesses!


Linda Bradley - Female Branding/Web Designer & Consultant in Bayside Melbourne

I am a brand consultant and chief Designer at Lollipop Creative Studio. We are Bayside Melbourne based branding, graphic and web designer, creating logo, branding and website designs for small businesses and female professionals that tell story about their passions and values based on a well-thought strategy and best practices.

We work with fierce dreamers, visionary leaders and conscious entrepreneurs who make positive impacts in the world. People who want to make a difference and believe in what they do. Over the years and having worked with many businesses, we found this can take shape in many professions – coaches, family psychologists, healers, childcare owners, bloggers, consultants, or even innovators and small businesses in kids/baby industry.


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