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Baby Bonus

Jun 21, 2009

I was tweeting (ahaaa… I am catching up fast! LOL)  last night when I got a DM from Danielle of Pram Rock clothing about these designs:



Danielle designs funky baby t-shirts and onesies from Lennox Head, and this is what she said:

Had to email you about the “baby bonus” tshirt…  just wanted to let you know that we were trying to come up with a “baby  bonus, plasma tv” design, and I think you’ve nailed it!   Perfect!

I had to say though, of course that these designs are inspired by our little bub (now 2 years old) but it was my hubby’s idea! Enough to say that he thought we would be getting a plasma tv from our Baby Bonus. Unfortunately we didn’t realise having a baby is so expensive so we are still holding that thought!!

Although having said that, I haven’t watched anything on tv properly since little Lollipop was born so maybe I haven’t got anything to loose! 🙂

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