Balancing Act – How to manage your time when you work for yourself

Jan 30, 2014

Being a freelancer or a soloist, there is always a balancing act between working on the business, in the business, lots of distractions and not enough time to do everything you want so I thought I’d share my time management tricks.

My time management Tricks

Start the day with making the to-do-list

I try to start the day with listing up the priorities. List top 3 if a must do such as jobs to actioned or proposal to make.

I have also written up my “Biz Amazing Habits’ (taking from Leonie Dawson’s advice. She’s fab if you haven’t discovered here, check her out at and put it up on my wall.  I choose to do mundane things first things in the morning before I get on to designing jobs. This includes blog post updates, newsletter preps, emails and book keeping. Once I get them out of the way, i could start concentrating on creating and making things pretty for my clients.

Stick to the list..

Because otherwise there’s no point of doing a list… which is sometimes a problem for me!

Disconnect when working

Too much distraction on the internet that I have started to disconnect myself of social media while I am working and my productivity has increased.

Process emails twice a day

Emails really take my time when I do it randomly and I had found myself checking emails every few minutes and responding to them straight away that a big chunk of time was taken for that part of housekeeping. I have since decided that I will only respond to emails in the morning and in the afternoon before I log out.

Single Task (Focus Your Attention)

This is such a good advice from Leonie Dawson. How many times do you try to multitask and ended up not finishing any of them? I am guilty of this. Focusing in one task at a time actually increase your productivity and the quality of the job.

Don’t forget to take a break!

I walk away from my desk every now and then to get a break. Ok it’s really not easy especially when you are on fire but getting fresh air helps you from the creative-block, writer-block or whatever it is you are doing. So go out the back and smell those flowers!




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