Best Baby Logo Designs

Jun 18, 2016


Designs for Baby Related Products and Service Industries.

Lollipop Creative Studio has been working with numerous small business and entrepreneurs to create their baby or child related logo designs.
One thing that we always keep in mind, even though they are targeted for babies (clothes, toys, books), their purchasers are normally the parents, the carers and grown ups that are associated with the babies.  In other word – their target audience are actually the mums, dads, grandparents, uncles or aunties.

For Organic baby products, such as Bobbybelle and the Exposure organic skincare, the best colours to use would be some soft earthy tones and pastels. Pastels are calming, soft, tender, and earthy colours naturally represent organic aspects of the products.

Need logo for baby toy or online shop? Use fun characters, bright and happy colours. We used some fun illustrations on some of the logos to bring out the happy and fun messages such as Mucky Bubba & Cheeky Junior logo below.

You will notice that even though they are logos for baby or child related products or service, we don’t literally include images of babies in the logo.

At Lollipop Creative Studio, we approach the logo design for baby and children’s industry with the in-depth research to ensure we have a strong understanding of who you and your target market are. We will then create the design that is on-brand, clear, concise and engaging.

More of our logo creation here.

Mucky Bubba Baby Logo Design


Kembroid Baby Logo Design


Exposure Skincare Logo & Packaging

Baby Skincare Tube Design for Exposure Skincare


Fox & Bear Tots Baby Logo Design

Bobbybelle Baby Logo Design


Bundles of Joy Baby Logo Design


Cheeky Junior Baby Logo Design




Moonbear Baby Logo Design

Boutique Baby Logo Design


Riley & Co Baby Boutique Logo Design

riley and kids co main logo



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