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Branding Strategies: What makes a Good Logo

Feb 20, 2014

Linda Bradley is a female graphic/web designer based in Melbourne Australia. She works with small businesses, sole traders and women entrepreneurs (including baby & children and handmade industries) by helping them to create their unique business identity and branding that represent their values and beliefs, so they will market their products and service proudly and with confidence.


What Makes A Good Logo

What makes a good logo?

I know it’s been discussed many times before, but here is my take on it.


I think in these days and age – with so many different styles of logo designs around – I would interpret the simplicity in logo design in term of making sure that it is not overcomplicated so that it is not recognisable and non-memorable. A good logo will still be recognisable even when you reduce the size, so perhaps even consider a simplified version of your logo when you are after the big bang effect for your main logo.


The first take about versatility is to ensure that it will look good across all media – on the print, screen, fabric and so on.  But also on branding perspective, keep your logo versatile means to keep it more general rather than boxing you into specific category/field. In doing so, it gives you room to move around within your branding, lets you diverse and expand. For example, if you are selling baby clothing right now, perhaps in the future you would like to start selling baby’s feeding equipment, furniture and more – make sure your logo would not limit you from expanding the products so think ahead when you fill in that brief for your designer.



It takes at least 3 exposures for your prospective clients to recognise your logo, so make sure it is memorable or it will be lost in the competition. A good logo tells stories behind the brand, a special meaning and helps you create that brand awareness.



A good logo represent what you do, what you offer so make sure it is relevant! I also think it is important not only to ensure that the logo is relevant to what you offer, but also to the other aspects of your branding, ie. your belief, perceptions and the company’s cultures. These elements have become more and more important factors for the customers to make their decisions on.

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