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Choosing the right font for your branding: Why it is important.

Mar 8, 2016


Font creates your ideal branding image.

Just like colours, fonts play an important part in your branding. We know some fonts are taken less seriously than others (think of Comic San or Papyrus!) but there is more to it than just the font type. The choice of scripts, handwritten type, serif or non-serif influence your brand voice. Together with graphic and colours that you choose for your logo and marketing materials, it creates over- all branding experience.


But how do you choose the right font? How do you choose the right font for your message?

Fonts, like colours and images send different messages and emotions to your readers. There are a few pointers that could be used for choosing fonts on your logo and communication pieces (website, flyers, business cards etc) that I will discuss in the next post, but by choosing fonts, you are posing these questions:

What emotions do you want to create for them?

Do you want to create trust? Or do you want them to feel warmth, creative, happy?

What values do your company have? Traditional? Modern?

Serif has traditional feel which might make people feel your business is reliable, whereas san serif normally represent modern, clean and stability.

Who are your target audience?

Female or male, generation x or generation y – different font attracts them differently so it is important to know who is your primary target market. You would not want to choose some old fashioned fonts if your service or products are actually targeted to high school students!

What is the tone and manner?

Fun or serious, creative or business-like, the tone and manners can change depending on the message that you would like to convey on your communication piece. You could have a few selection of fonts which you could choose from. These need to be kept consistent for your brand recognition. The more consistent you are with your font choice, the more your audience can associate your marketing pieces to your branding.




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