You are on the cusp of something big

 Perhaps you are launching a new business or blog, or maybe you’re changing the direction of your business. Or, maybe having run your business for several years, you are ready to lift your game.

You understand that a smart, stylish and distinctive brand identity will get you noticed. You know that it will attract the right sorts of tribes and show the world how serious you are.

If this sounds like you, you have come to the right place. We are here to help you to make your dream a reality by creating branding that tells a story about you and helps you to connect with your tribe.

We understand that building a business can be overwhelming –  We will walk you through every step of your journey: from building a solid branding & website strategy to creating stunning branding that will attract your ideal customers, to launching the website that will make your more profit every day.

I am so glad you are here

Your passions, your dreams and your visions have brought your story here and I coud not be happier to have you.

I can wait because I know that you – a fierce dreamer, a visionary leader, a change maker – are ready to grow your tribe and position your business as the chief of your industry.

where to now

You are in the right place if:


You are ready to go to the next level and willing to invest in your branding and website. Building a beautiful well functioning website that will convert to sales takes time, resources and careful execution but I am committed to help you create exactly that. Your investment will result in beautiful branding & a website that will talk to your tribe and position you as the leader in your industry.

Building branding and an online audience is hard work. To make this work, you will need to be present, engaged and ready to put in the effort to transform your branding. Before we begin the work, you will have homework to do. During the project, you will have some decisions to make, content to supply, and deadlines to keep us both on track. Committing the time is absolutely essential for the project to work.
If you don’t know where you are going, you will have no idea if and when you get there.  Ideally, you will have some sort of a business plan before moving on to your branding and website, but if anything, you will need to have some clarity on your business and be able to answer some key questions about your services, target audience and the benefits you bring to your audience.
We get it… this is your business, but the reason you are looking for someone to help you with your branding & website is that you need their expertise, right? Our job is to help you reach your goals, and we ask that you allow us to provide you with professional guidance and input. To achieve success, you need to trust our process and treat us as your equal partner.

Our Process




In order to maximise our time together, there will be some questionnaire that we ask our prospective clients to fill in before we organise our first meet & greet. This questionnaire will help us to identify your objective and to make sure we can provide the best outcome according to your needs.

Putting time to answer this will help articulate your business needs. During the meeting we identify what can be done to initiate or achieve via the branding collateral and/or the website.

Lollipop Creative studio will focus on the solutions which will allow your communication and website to become resources to your customers and become an integral part of your business.


Based on our initial chat, we will propose an approach to your project and provide a budget, scope and timeline.

Once the proposal & contract  is approved, we will then have a one-on-one in-depth strategy session with your marketing team or the person in charge of your marketing to gain  more clarity about your own business, your goals, your ideal customers, and WHY they need you.

Our unique methodology will help uncover ways to attract, connect and convert your visitors and put your business sales into overdrive. We will use this strategy to get actionable insights that will help you achieve your goals.


We will summarise our finding into a brief and get it approved by all of the stakeholders.




We will present an inspiration mood board (we call it Stylescape) by putting together colours, patterns, images, fonts that represent your vision and style to ensure we are visually and strategically aligned.
The fun begins! We will bring your vision to life. We start by creating concepts for your logo & logomarks (when the main logo is not suitable), and then creating the complementary icons, patterns and/or illustration that will be used for your branding package.

You will have sets of revisions to tweak your preferred logo and stationery to make sure we get it perfect.

When your beautiful new brand is complete, you will be given access to the files on the USB stick & Google Cloud. If you also assign your website to us, it is time to get on more work!





When necessary, we build an interactive prototype on the browser to show you how to get our solution work. Call it a foundation. We won’t focus on any design at this stage so the prototype will be quite basic, but it gets us close real quick.

This is where we also work on the additional functions such as membership, shopfront or even booking when required.


The fun begins! We will bring your vision to life. We will bring your interactive prototype to life with your matching branding.

We then start with the homepage based on your branding assets. Once you sign off the homepage, we will start working on the subpages.


We want to make sure you are happy with your site, so you will get two design revisions for each page.

During this time you can suggest sections to be moved around, images to be swapped or if you have any other feedback.

Any revisions to the text and images can be done after the site is launched.


Finally, we go underground for a couple of weeks and make sure everything is plugged in and tested before deploying your shiny new website to your hosting server so you can show it off to the whole world. 

Your website will have personalised training videos on your dashboard so you can edit the content yoursel


Our care-plan* takes great care to first backup the website and check the website after for any issues. Our software keeps a record of plugins we update so if there is ever an issue we see what plugin version was changed and revert back.

Relax and enjoy the peace of mind while you are growing your business.

*Care plan is included in your contract for the first 24 months.

what brought you here? 

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