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Glitter Tutorial in Photoshop & Free Printable

Mar 12, 2015

Gold is so in! Lately it seems that gold is everywhere. Interior, wall arts, branding and websites. Recently I had the opportunity to design a very glamorous brand for a newcoming boutique in WA. A bit of romantic and rustic look but the one thing client and I knew was that we wanted to incorporate gold into the name.

How to Add glitter in your image (Glitter Tutorial in Photoshop)


final logo for Alex & Gold

If you have a Photoshop software on your computer, this is actually a simple and neat trick that you could do. I have created this this morning for the tutorial purpose.


And here are the easy steps to add glitter on your image.

Step 1. Find your glitter background

I simply googled Gold background to find a free high resolution gold background that I could use. It is literally hundreds of different gold, glitter and foil backgrounds that you could use. Choose one that you like and save it on your computer. This is the one that I decide to use (you could click on it and download the big version down here as well)



Step 2. Open your Photoshop and create a new file

Choose the image size and resolutions depending on how you want to use your image. I created an A4 size, with 150dpi so I could print it out nicely.


Step 3. Type in your message

I use Manhattan Script font for my message. Play around with the size and lay out until you are happy with it.

love you to the moon and back - tutorial 1

Step 4. Rasterise the type

This is an important step if you are using font type – you can skip this step if you are using shapes instead of type. To rasterise your font-type, click your cursor on the layer and then right click on your mouse, and choose “rasterize type”. This process will convert your type into object so make sure you are happy with your lettering before you click it.




Step 4. Place your gold background

Go to File and click Place to place the gold background file that you saved previously. Make sure that the layer is ON top of the type layer you have just created.


Step 5. Create Clipping Mask

Right-lick on the Gold layer, and choose create clipping mask.



Step 6. Voila! Your glitter image is ready!

You can move the gold foil around to make sure you like the pattern showing. To do it you just simply have to make sure that you click on the gold layer, and Control+T or Command+T and you could move the gold image around with your cursor.



You can download the printable PDF LOVEYOUTOTHEMOON if you’d like to print it out and frame it on your wall!



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