Holly MacCue Career Success Coach Branding Portfolio

Mar 11, 2016

Logo design, branding and website for Holly MacCue using Wordpress platform.

My client Holly is a career success coach, helping women to be happy and successful in their career. For a starter, she knew she wanted a typograhy style with a touch of gold to add sophistication on the logo.

In the first logo concept proposal we explored the options of fonts.




After a few revisions, we finally settled with a logo. After that we developed the remaining branding. For the business card, we choose to have gold foil on top of the solid colour.


Holly Mac Cue Logo and branding


Holly MacCue Logo and Branding design


Client planned to offer the online course so we needed to find a platform that would allow her to add all the content and let the members to access the content according to their level of membership. With Wordpress, she was able to add the plugin that allows all these, so she was happy with Wordpress.

Here is the end result. Check it out at http://www.hollymaccue.com



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