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Hunt Day Report

Jun 8, 2009

Today is our Hunt Day at the Kids Fashion Review’s Great Kids Fashion Hunt.  I posted about it a few days ago – Each day throughout JUNE 09 Kids Fashion Review members, can search through different websites looking for fashion hangers that the sponsor has hidden to go in to the draw to win one of the fabulous prize packs, all worth of $8500.

It’s so exciting ‘watching’ the hunt (‘watched’ it in the Great Kids Fashion Hunt forum).Lollipop Baby’s clue is “Catch me if I can!” and a few people were a little bit challenged by the clue. It’s a little bit tricky but if you look at the images and think carefully about the clue then you’ll get it.

And of course — unbelievable numbers of visits and newsletter subscriptions!

All for the good cause – Ronald McDonald’s house!

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