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Life is precious

Feb 10, 2009

I was crying in the car this afternoon listening to a montage which a radio put together for the bushfire appeal. People have been calling on phone in their studio all day to pledge money for helping the people affected by the disaster and all those who have been touched by it. They called on behalf of their companies, their organisations, their families, their kids (because when something like this happened, you realised how precious they are)…
Some people called to say thank you for the generosity and that we didn’t know how much it meant for them.
Some other people called, crying – telling the audience that the weekend was the worst weekend of their life, and that they saw everything they had disappeared before their eyes – their home, their cars, their family…

My heart just goes out to them. And all the beautiful heroes out there and so many of us who are offering their hands to help. We just don’t know how precious our lives are until you get a wake-up-call like it.

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