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Lollipop Baby Rebranding

Apr 15, 2012

Two years ago I started Lollipop Baby as a groovy & personalised baby apparel and nursery art prints. This was the days before Facebook had only just started (although I couldn’t really remember life before Facebook – I must have had much done those days!). Over the years, the brand has evolved so much that now we have become a solid boutique graphic design studio (little one but big dream!) that offers service to small businesses and WAHMs. So it’s only natural that we rebranded, get rid of the kid-feel branding (even though large list of our clientele comes from baby & kid industry so our old branding wasn’t really out of place) – we feel that it’s about time to be have brand that caters to wider audience and bigger business clientele.

if you don’t remember how the old branding looked like , here’s a little blaze from the past:









And without much further ado – INTRODUCING the new Lollipop Baby logo and branding….



Hope you like it as much as we do here! x



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