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Supercharging your ROI

Apr 17, 2016

How to maximise your ROI



The guys at BigCommerce had a few great points on how to maximise your online shop ROI by following these few points.

1. Send abandoned cart emails


Did you know – seven out of 10 online shoppers abandon carts — and 75% of that group intends to return later and purchase. If you’re not catching those lost sales, you’re missing out on revenue. The best way to recover abandoned cart sales is to send a series of beautifully customized emails to these shoppers — you can expect an average of 15% of abandoned shoppers to convert to sales.


You can follow up with the first email 4 hours after your customers abandoned the cart. When it comes to abandoned cart emails, less is better. Keep your email simple with a few information and a big BUY NOW button.

The second email should be scheduled within 24 hours. On average, a second abandoned cart email yields  a 54% lift in revenue across all industries. Think of this email as a follow-up nudge. If you want to boost conversion, include a coupon or discount code.

The success rate of a third abandoned cart email is the subject of much debate in
the ecommerce industry. Most merchants who see success with a third email tend
to sell high-end products or services with a longer sales cycle. Use the third email
to invite the customer to chat via phone or visit a physical store. Alternatively, you could turn this email into a survey to gain valuable feedback as to why someone didn’t
purchase from you.


2. Optimize the mobile experience

Mobile commerce continues to grow rapidly, and is becoming the preferred way to
shop online. As an online merchant, a sure bet to boost ROI is to optimize your
customers’ mobile shopping experience.


3. Ensure that your site is mobile/responsive


Providing a beautiful, mobile-optimized shopping experience is vital to your
success; 55% of internet traffic are viewed from mobile devices and 74% of people are more likely to return to mobile friendly site.

It is important that your site are optimised on all kind of devices and that the products looks great on any devices.


4. Enable mobile payment


I am the worse in this. I do my online shopping in bed at night and if the online shop doesn’t provide mobile payment, I just turned it off.  After all, nothing is worse than having to get up to get your laptop in the cold winter night!

Make sure that it is easy for the customers to add your shopping cart on the smartphones and tablets and that your site allows them to make the transactions on the mobile devices.


5. Add more payment options



The more payment options you offer to your customers, the easier the shopping experience will be for your customers. It can actually help improve your conversion, as some shoppers will be likely to purchase when they see the their favourite payment option is offered. Paypal continues to be one of the favourite payment by online shoppers, especially because they can just make a credit card purchase without taking it out of their wallet!

*source: BigCommerce.com



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