Complete website done for you


Are you:

.. pulling your hair out and giving up on that DIY website because it is in the too hard basket?

.. losing time and customers because your new website is taking weeks to complete?

.. getting stressed about whether or not your current website will take your online business to that next level you can clearly picture in your head?

.. embarrassed about the state of your current website and need a strategic designer to take your website to the next level?

Now Imagine

IF YOU COULD GET YOUR WEBSITE DONE FOR YOU IN A DAY  for a fraction of the price of hiring me for a fully custom website!

You wake up and get ready to work on your business. But instead of worrying about your website and how you can’t launch your business without a website,  you have a professional designer who has blocked off and dedicated her entire day for your website – and help you launch on the same day.

It is 100% possible with our Done In A Day Websites,. You will have me dedicated to you for the whole day.

How Does it Work?


Book Your Date

Choose a date and pay to secure your slot to have your website created.

Please allow at least 2 weeks to prepare your content to ensure everything is ready to go on your chosen date.



Get Prepared

We will send you your preparation guide and content planner for you to upload before your booked date.

 Since you’ve already collected all your web content, we will get straight into the design work right away, which is a massive time saver in both our lives.



Website Building Date

 Here’s where you get to see your website unfolding before your eyes.

The whole day is dedicated to  you and your website only. 



Post Launch

Email support will be provided for the next 30 days. You will also have all the documentation you need to get started at your fingertips.


Birthing Instincts HypnoBirthing Logo & Website Design | Lollipop Creative Studio



On your intensive day, I work ONLY with you. We will discuss the task list prior to your design day on your pre-intensive call, and on the design day, I will work closely with you throughout the day.

You will have 7 hours of my UNDIVIDED attention.

During this time I will only be communicating with you and working on your website. Watch your website transform right before your very eyes!

What can we accomplish in Done in a Day Website Intensive?


Every Done in A day Website is unique, and what happens during your day all depends on your specific goals & needs, but here are some examples of things we could do in our day together:



Creating a new brochure website for you (3-4 pages in one day intensive or 6-7 pages in two days intensive)


Redesign your existing WordPress website


Reformatting the layout of your website to make it easier for your visitors to find information


Designing a Sales Page


Incorporating new branding into your website, adding in custom graphics, fonts, and brand elements


Adding in special features to your website such as FAQ, dropdowns, testimonials, blog, pricing blocks and so much more!

Note: This is what can be achieved on your intensive days.  It’s important to note, when you book your Done in A Day Website, you’re booking me to work on your website for a day, not a set of deliverables. I have been a design for 15 years so I have a seamless bottom-up process that will help us achieve as much as we can in a day.

This is for you if…



You need a well designed and easy to maintain website, without the custom-made price tag


You are clear with your objectives, your ideal clients and how to speak to them


You need a gorgeous but standard website that doesn't require complicated coding and features that you don't need.


You have all your branding assets & content ready. Think about logo, colour scheme, copy, calls to action and basically what you need to build a website.


You are precise, prepared and a quick decision maker


You have time to collaborate, deadline and budget to make it happen. This is a hands on collaboration where your feedback is expected throughout the day to make sure we nail the brief!

Bloom - Florist & Hamper Business Website Design

My mission is to make it as easy as possible for businesses to set up their website, so you can concentrate on doing the things that you love.

Traditional websites take 6-8 weeks because we, the designers juggle your projects with other clients’ projects.

The main reason the schedule gets thrown off is caused by the delay of feedback or receiving the copy, images, and other necessary requirements.

These delays create frustration for both designers & clients.

Now imagine when we start a project with full preparedness and I set aside a full day dedicated to ONLY you.

We are so much more efficient when we don’t get distracted by other things. 

By eliminating the lengthy back and forth between you and me, we can make it more cost-effective, not to mention we can cut the time of the build – and this is why I can offer more affordable websites in a fraction of time!

It’s you + me, with no distractions. You walk away with tangible results, I walk away feeling accomplished; a total #win-win!

Introductory Design Day Rate


only 4 (in 7) sports available at this rate – after these are booked, the booking price will be going to $1500AUD)



  • 7 hours devoted day for you only
  • Access to my website planner
  • 45 minutes pre-intensive strategy call to iron out everything before I start working exclusively for you for a day
  • 1 hour for post-intensive “fix” support and 30 days of post-intensive email support.
  • PLUS A vast tutorials on every aspect of your website so you can update your website on your own.

What people said

  • Linda at Lollipops lead the building of our website with professionalism, knowledge and creativity. Our initial brainstorming session came to fruition with the final result being a place where families can connect with us. Lollipops listens and has the ability to put our vision into pictures and wo... Read More
  • It has been such a joy to work with Linda on my branding, logo design and website for my holistic therapy business and I would highly recommend her.She is a true professional, very flexible to work with and extremely gifted at what she does. The branding work was powerful and informative and reall... Read More
  • I am so glad I came across Linda and her incredible work! I wanted a specific look and feel for my business branding and she absolutely nailed it! Linda spent time getting to know me and my business (which actually helped me better understand my new business as well). She got to the essence of what ... Read More
  • Lollipop Creative listened to our business objectives and translate it to not just a beautiful but also well functioning website that helps us achieve more efficiency in running our business. Linda went above and beyond to make sure we are happy with the end result.
  • Linda completed branding (mood board, logo, letterhead, business cards, flyers) for my private practice - Act with Purpose Psychology, in Brunswick. Linda was very patient, thorough and professional. She was flexible and generous with her time. It is clear that client satisfaction is very important ... Read More

Frequently Asked Questions

How is it possible to build a website in a day?

I have been working as a website designer for more than 10 years now and I have a seamless process to ensure I can maximize our time together.

To make sure I hit the ground running, we will have a pre-intensive call a few days before the Design Day, where we can chat about your objectives and ideal vision. On the day of the design, I will get straight into it!

Because you are also on a stand-by to give me feedback, we will eliminate the time it takes to go back and forth with feedback that would normally take days!

I also dedicate the whole for you so I won’t be distracted by other client’s work.


Is this for me?

I understand – this is not for everyone. You will need to be virtually available on the design day, make quick decisions, and be able to prepare all your content prior to the design day.

But I promise you –  it will pay off at the end of the day when you walk away with a brand new website!

Can I book Done in A Day Website for E-commerce or a more complicated website?

At the moment I only offer Done in a Day Website for simple (but still gorgeous) websites

For something that will be more involved, please have a look at our Custom Website Design here. 

What does the day look like?

You can expect the first concept for the homepage to view around mid-morning. I provide a very easy to use an on-page commenting system where you can pop your comments on the web pages directly for me and I will be able to easily see these comments and change requests.

You can also email me and add me on Skype so we can chat throughout the day.

You can expect pretty frequent communication on that day so the faster I get your feedback, the more we can accomplish during our time together.

Once we are confident we are on the right track you can relax and let me get on with it and I’ll let you know when it is ready for the feedback.

Once you approve the site, I will need approximately 1 hr to work on technical things to ensure your site is optimised in speed and check all the responsiveness.

Because I will be needing your feedback throughout the day, I would recommend that you book the day when you know you can clear your schedule.

What happens if we need more time to finalise the website?

The completion of the work will all depend on the complexity of the site, your prompt feedback and your commitment on the day. 

If we get to the end of the day and you feel like you need me to do some more work, not to worry! 

You can book an extra day, or even half a day intensive so we can get to the finish line.

What do I need to prepare?

Prior to our Design Day, I’ll send you your preparation guide and content planner for you to upload before your booked date.

When we work together for a day, it’s important that you show up to the day prepared with everything I’ll need in order to make it a success, and I set aside a full day dedicated to YOU, and only you.

Is there any additional cost?

At the basic level you will. need to purchase your own domain and hosting (you can add this on when you book if you prefer me to organise the hosting & email for you).

You can also sign up for your website careplan (see the next FAQ) to help your website maintenance.

I build the website with Divi theme builder to make it easy for you to basically drag and drop sections on your site. This is a subscription-based service that you will need to pay annually (USD 89/year, or is included in your care plan).


What is a care plan and why do I need one?

Your website is your 24-hour salesperson for your business and service/products, so it is important to look after it.

I have seen too many small business website owners lose control of their sites over time.

You can totally take responsibility for this yourself but if you want me to do this for you, I’ve got your back!  I help you to get that peace of mind that all software is up to date, secure against any unwelcome attacks and that it is actually online and operational for your customers and users.

This is what we do for you every month:

  • Regular WordPress and security update
  • A valid theme & page builder updates – to ensure your theme is always up to date
  •  Valid premium plugin updates that we use to optimise your site
  • Weekly Database Backup
  • Monthly Spam & revisions cleanup
  • Monthly Database optimisation
  • 15/30 minutes troubleshooting time depending on your plan.

See here for more info about Website Care Plan.

Can you help me with ad-hoc support if I come across problems and I am not on your care plan?

Absolutely! You can book me for a quarter or half-day to help you troubleshooting.

Keep in mind though, my calendar is often full and you might have to wait for a free day.

But I don't have branding yet!

I can help you with that.

Check out my branding service here. 

Payment & Cancellation

A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to book out my calendar or pay in full. The remainder is payable 24 hours before we work together.

Your payment secures the slot in my calendar and allows me to give you my undivided attention.
This also means I can’t take other work. No refunds are available from the time of booking. Additionally, no refunds are considered during or after the project period.

If you need to change the date, you can change it once by checking my availability on the website and let me know at least 7 days before the design day.

Please note that I am often booked out so this will affect your timeline.



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