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Polaroid Project

Feb 23, 2009


This software has been around for a while and it’s been installed in my computer for months! But i only got a chance to use it today (that, and also that I have forgotten all about it!). It’s a perfect procrastinating tool and it’s just sooo cute. Unlike other polaroid software on the internet (or frames available free on the internet where you have to place the frame on top of the picture, using photo editing software), you only need to drag and drop the picture you want to create the polaroid version of to the application (which looks like a cute polaroid camera) and then you wait (or shake) while it’s developing (just like the real polaroid camera) and it’ll come out just like a real polaroid picture!

You can even post your polaroid pictures to your flickr! Download this free software on http://www.poladroid.net

So fun that I want to use these on all my Lollipop Baby t-shirt & onesie creations!!!! :P

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