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Catering Home Delivered Meal Logo Design & Web Design – Meallion  | Melbourne



Client wanted simple logo/branding creation for their new catering and home food delivery business and a simple website that allows them to take order booking.


The website launched within 2 weeks (2 VIP days) and attracted 400 orders in the first week of its launch.

The website is designed using an interactive order form as we wanted something that is easier to manage than an online store.
The client are able to make changes on their weekly menu and add them to the order form, which need to be changed each week so it needed to be simple and intuitive enough for their customers.

screen shot 2022 03 01 at 12.58.13 pm
screen shot 2022 03 01 at 12.58.50 pm
screen shot 2022 03 01 at 12.58.24 pm

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