Logo with the text "DAZZLE" in gold, featuring diamond shapes within the word. Below are color swatches in cream, beige, teal, and olive. Perfect for personal branding or sustainability fashion consulting services.
Four versions of the "Dazzle Image Consulting" logo are displayed, each with unique designs and color schemes, including white, beige, and teal backgrounds.
A hand holding a small white flower appears on the left side, with the word "DAZZLE" in the center of a gradient green and white background, creating an enchanting Dazzle Image.
A white tablet displays a website for a sustainability consultant, featuring a woman in a black outfit. The tablet is placed on a woven mat next to decorative pieces.





Based in Melbourne, Sue Maree is a dedicated fashion consultant who is passionate about sustainable fashion.

With a belief in the importance of reducing fashion waste and minimising environmental impact, Sue Maree educates and guides her clients toward creating sustainable wardrobes. Her approach is based in practicality, offering easy steps to transform one’s fashion habits into more eco-friendly practices.

Branding Inspiration: Elegant, informative, and empowering. Sue Maree’s voice should resonate with individuals seeking a luxurious yet practical approach to sustainable fashion.

Website Inspiration: We achieved 5 pages of website within our allocated day. Sue Maree’s website design shows off her passion for sustainable fashion with a touch of luxury. Through her website, Sue Maree wants to educate, connect, and inspire you to make eco-friendly fashion choices, helping to create a healthier planet while enjoying a bit of luxury.



“I really enjoyed working through my business ideas and goals with Linda. The Lollipop Creative workbook is a thorough framework and fantastic way to communicate everything I needed for my new logo, branding, colours and website. I really admire Linda’s creative ability to translate my information into my business visuals so quickly. I love what Linda has achieved and feel like I have a whole new business.”

Sue Maree

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