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Logo, Icon, Stationery & Marketing materials (branding package)

Meeki Boutique is a start up sportswear brand where customers are able to buy quality for less, where woman can purchase to purchase quality activewear that allows them to feel comfortable, flawless and sexy in their purchase.


Meeki Boutique…provides comfortable & affordable activewear for young females to help them feel confident about themselves and give them energy to be active.

Mikayla approached us to work with them to create a branding that will speak to females aged 16+ who are either into fitness of love to wear activewear on a daily basis.

The brand needed to come across as trendy and modern. Meeki business aims to create affordable pieces that is not only trendy but also flattering to whatever their body shapes are, and  encourage young females to feel good about themselves. Their sportswear is made to shape, fit and enhance bodily features so their clothing range will appeal to women who want to boost their self esteem or flaunt their features.

Based on this, we created a simple and sophisticated logo with the icon that could stand on its own. This icon represent the initial M & B, shaped in half circles, to represent the bum clench pants that is Meeki’s signature.

Our Branding is designed to be versatile to be used on the merchandise, tags, website and even shop front.

I came across Linda on my quest to find the perfect person to help me with the branding of my startup business. Her work really stood out to me and I knew that she would be just the right person to bring my vision to life… and I was right! Linda is such a talented individual with tons of creative ideas. Linda has really made the branding process an easy and enjoyable process. I am absolutely delighted with the final result and will not hesitate returning to line for any future jobs.

Mikayla Jothy

Owner & Designer, Meeki Boutique

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