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Saturday excitements

Feb 1, 2009

The weather in Melbourne has finally cooling down. Even though it will still hovering above 30 degrees, it sure puts us in perspective. After those horrible forty-something heat wave, no more whinging about the heat when it is ‘only’ 30ish degrees!

We had quite relaxing weekend. Oliver slept in until about 8.30 and so we woke up feeling quite refreshed. We didn’t have many occasions like that!
My hubby went to Ikea to pick up my our office desk, that long white desk that goes along the wall. Love it! I just love Ikea, so many little very affordable things there – I’d like to think that our home is a combination of thrifty (with our Ikea collection) and quirky (my other favourite thing to do is hunting old furniture at the markets. We found lots of treasures including my favourite beautiful hanging lantern in our dining room. My most treasured quirky homeware.

The quirky lantern we got from Camberwell market

Even Oliver had fun with our Ikea purchase. Well, not quite, but he was having so much fun ‘helping’ daddy assembling the desk. And then when we all finished, we played building blocks with the foams from the packaging. Oh well, Daddy built and Oliver knocked them down!

I am also very excited about Lollipop Baby web banner on www.mumzone.com.au and www.babyology.com.au for February. Hopefully it will drive more traffic to my webshop. But what more exciting news is that Belinda Graham, from Real Living Magazine finally came back with my Lollipop Baby press release.
She’s soo generous – I know how busy it can be working in magazine, but she still took some time to help me with the release. And surprise surprise, I just can’t believe how she could make the story much much interesting! Thanks ever so much, Belinda — I am forever grateful.

Her blog can be read on http://www.renovateanddecorate.blogspot.com/

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