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Sew n Sew Logo Redesign, Rebrand + Website Design

Sep 24, 2016

Christeen, the owner of Sew n Sew who runs sewing school in Narrewarren, Melbourne, approached me to recreate her existing Wordpress website.
Sew and Sew website was quite out-of-dated so there was a lot of things that needed to be fixed, including responsiveness and the lay out itself. In addition, Christeen was ready to embark the new venture that is an online beginner sewing course, so anyone can learn how to sew from their own lounge room!

After having an initial chat, client decided to also update her logo. Our first step is to create a moodboard and colourboard for Christeen to choose. Her previous branding had a lot of green, which she felt didn’t really represent who she is and what she does.

I’ve presented two options for her – she choose the first one, which has Orange (the colour of trust) as the main colour and earth tone to complement her branding. The colourboard helped her to choose the colour palette as it put them in context.

sew n sew colourboard

After we agreed on the colour, I created a couple of logo concepts for her.  Keeping in mind that her business is a sewing school business, we wanted to create logo and icons that represent these – spools, sewing machine (naturally!), needle & threads, mannequin.

Our final logo is below. I love how it just tied up with the images that she previously commisioned a photographer to do.

Sew n Sew Sewing School Logo and Branding Design

When we moved on to the website design, we used the supporting icons and the beautiful photographs that Christeen provided.

The website is using Wordpress platform with a link to WooCommerce site, where she can sell her sewing products.
Here is the fun part – for the online course, we created a second Wordpress site in the sub-directory using ZippyCourse, where she could upload all her course and accept payments from the site.

Sew n Sew Website Design

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