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Lollipop Adis

Feb 8, 2009

Little Indian T-shirt

A couple of months ago, one of my old friends from Indonesia mentioned that the Little Indian design (click here) really caught his attention because they just had a newborn who they called Geronimo, after the Indian warrior. They also got a little daughter who is about to turn two and her middle name is Kireina, which means ‘beautiful’ in Japanese. They asked me if I can get a toddler size t-shirt of the Japanese Doll design for her and another Little Indian t-shirt for the little Nimo.

As it happened, I was looking for some blank toddler t-shirts to have some designs printed for my own son. Took me a while to get the toddler t-shirts for the quality that I am happy with, but I finally got them just after the New Year. Isn’t she lovely in her t-shirt (and her little brother’s one too!)

Adis in her Lollipop Baby t-shirt

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