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Spring Cleaning Your Brand

Sep 7, 2017

I don’t know about you, but I love spring cleaning the house. Refresh, spruce and ditch a thing or two to make way for new ones.

Spring is also a perfect time to refresh and spruce up your brand too.  Here are five easy ways to spring clean your brand:

1. Do a Brand audit

This will help you determine what actions need to be taken.

  • Is your target audience still relevant, or have they changed since you started your business?
  • Is your objective still relevant or they have changed as your business evolves?
  • Do you need to update your offering? Are there services or products that are not selling that you can let go, for a change of something that you can offer to better serve your customer base?


2. Refresh your branding

  • Introduce new elements that will catch your customer’s eyes. You don’t need a new branding if your brand is still relevant to your current situation – just add some colours, pattern, images – but make sure they are consistent with your branding!
  • If your brand audit above makes you think that it is time to rebrand, start the process by downloading my free brand audit (link below).


3. Spruce up your Social Media

  • Change your profile photo to more current one.
  • Change your hero image to more current one. If you have a different offering, this is a great time to introduce the new objective on the cover image. If you are selling seasonal items, update your cover with the new season’s items. If you have any spring promotion, use this as an opportunity to promote it.
  • Make sure all the information still relevant – About us, Address, Contact details, website URLs and links.


4. Update your website

  • Do you need a new Call to Action to drive more relevance to what your brand promise?
  • Change your homepage page to freshen up your site. If your website sells seasonal things, also update your featured products to reflect more of the season.
  • Make sure other pages on your website are working properly – no broken links, About Us page still up to date, Contact page is still relevant
  • Your blog – time to pick it back up if you have been neglecting it. Use a planner to plan ahead and schedule your posts so it is spread out nicely – Google will love you for this.


5. Take Out the Trash

  • Anything that is not relevant to your brand anymore, such as old images and all brand assets that no longer reflects your business direction. This can be any aspects of your marketing strategy, your web or print ads, social media activities. Time to simplify and consolidate the branding to keep it consistent!

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