Semi-Custom Websites.

Create a full website in just one Website Intensive Day with the semi-custom design.


Semi-Custom website  is perfect for business that want to provide more detail about their services or product but don’t need all the other bells and whistles just yet. We will integrate and conduct customisation to one of our starter templates below and design it up to your branding. 

and best of all..

Get a website that is ready to be launched before dinner time!



Get a Website You Love in These Easy Steps


Book Your Date

Choose a date and pay to secure your slot to have your website created.

Please allow at least 2 weeks to prepare your content to ensure everything is ready to go on your chosen date.



Submit your content

Choose your template and we will send you your preparation guide and content planner for you to upload before your booked date.

Follow our simple content prompts so you know exactly what to write for your website’s content.



Website Building Date

 Here’s where you get to see your website unfolding before your eyes.

The whole day is dedicated to  you and your website only. 



Post Launch

Email support will be provided for the next 30 days. You will also have all the documentation you need to get started at your fingertips.


Choose your design

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And all these are included….



Bonus 1

Free Interactive Pinterest Moodboard Mini-Course to help getting clarity on your branding & website look’s and feel.



Bonus 2

Free Access to my Website Content Planner – a hassle free and step by step guidance to collect and write your content.



Bonus 3

FREE 45 minute strategy call to ensure that you end up with a branding or website that really does wow!




Bonus 4

Additional time after Design Day for design fixes and tweaks.



Bonus 5

Client’s only website training portal to help you familiar your WordPress sites.


Bonus 6

30 day post-intensive email & message support to ensure you are comfortable with your new branding & site.



Frequently Asked Questions

What can be achieved in one day with our Semi custom design intensive day?

— Integrate and conduct basic customisations to theme selected in the briefing
— Establish header section to reflect your brand, colour scheme/fonts
— Establish up to x6 web pages or blog posts
— Establish menu linking to the relevant section on page
— Establish slider with up to x3 images
— Upload & configuration of provided content & images onto single page/multiple section
— Install & configure up to x3 agreed plugins
— Create x1 basic enquiry form for with up to 8 data fields

how can I choose the right theme for my business?

There is no law that you need to choose the theme from your industry, so don’t limit your options based on the category the theme you love is categorised in.

Try to envisage having your colours, logo, patterns, and content on the theme and see if you like it .Your starter template is a starting point – because it is a semi custom site, once we customise your website it is going to look so different from the template!

if you are not sure, I can suggest some ideas which I think will look good on your website based on your content, images and industry.

I am not sure which template is suitable for my business

We will extract a brief of what you want your website to look like and do, what pages it will have, and help you to choose some themes that are suitable for your business if you are not sure. 

During our pre-intensive chat we will talk about these options and why I recommend them.

I can't find any template for my industry

Most of these templates can be adapted to your industry – my trained eyes and skills will get you there so don’t worry if your favourite template is not your industry template.

If you are not sure, we can have a chat about it during our pre-intensive meeting.

Can you add/remove/modify/move any section on my page?

Absolutely! We understand no business is the same. I work base on your content and will put together the elements of the theme you chose strategically.

Remember to let me know if you have any ideas, hesitations or suggestions and we can discuss it on the pre-intensive day.

We will be able to swap, delete, add, or move around most sections to make the website your own!


I need to add booking feature on my website - is this included

Our hosting plan includes the Developer version of WPAmelia Booking plugin (worth AUD155/year)  so there is no additional fee to use the plugin.

Adding this feature is free of charge and I can add the function on the pages of your choice.

You can choose if you’d like to  set up  your booking system so it has your company setting and colour scheme (please note that this will require additional time- approximately half day VIP Intensive) or you have an option to do this yourself with our extensive documentation. We will then provide you with tutorials on how to set up your services, appointments, availability, pricing, and to use the booking system.

Remember that our Website Intensive will also include 30 days post project support, where you can email or message me with any questions that you have about the work that I completed for you.

 It is my goal to empower you with the skills that you need to manage your brand and/or website on your own, so if you’re stuck on how to do something, just ask!  

See here for the demos .


Is there any additional cost?

These premium templates are included in your hosting plan so you don’t need to pay extra for updates.

Our hosting plans are designed to ensure your website is looked after well. Using high-speed cloud-based hosting with high security and performance, we will ensure your website is fast and free of bugs, glitches, and also includes more than $400/year worth of premium plugins and themes.

can you do full custom design for my website?

This is entirely up to you.

Your website will be uniquely created for you, but we also have an option to choose a starter template for your site.

Templates are a great way to save time and cost. We have some starter templates that you can choose from and this can be tweaked as much as you like during our intensive time.


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