Congratulation Sally Westcott on your winning! Our little Lollipop drew your name from our mixing bow (I was going to use one of my hats but nothing really fits so a mixing bowl just had to do)  and you won a personalised nursery wall-art for the nursery! I will be in touch soon!

Our son was pretty keen in helping as you can imagine — he  was very helpful too by only picking one name rather than a few names!

On a personal notes, I remember Sally from when she rang to place a few orders. They just moved from NSW to Queensland, not having internet set up yet, and she ordered three different designs to be mailed to three different addresses for presents, because she received a Lollipop Baby as a present and she tracked us down!! I am very very flattered and I am quite pleased that she won the first competition!

We still have 2 more rounds for a chance to win one of the personalised nursery wall art from Lollipop Baby. Click here for detail. All you need to do is signing up to our newsletter and you’ll be in the draw.

Lollipop Baby offers cute & quirky baby t-shirts and onesies with personalised option. Pleas visit our shop to check out what we have!

Linda Bradley - Female Branding/Web Designer & Consultant in Bayside Melbourne

I am a brand consultant and chief Designer at Lollipop Creative Studio. We are Bayside Melbourne based branding, graphic and web designer, creating logo, branding and website designs for small businesses and female professionals that tell story about their passions and values based on a well-thought strategy and best practices.

We work with fierce dreamers, visionary leaders and conscious entrepreneurs who make positive impacts in the world. People who want to make a difference and believe in what they do. Over the years and having worked with many businesses, we found this can take shape in many professions – coaches, family psychologists, healers, childcare owners, bloggers, consultants, or even innovators and small businesses in kids/baby industry.


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