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Top 3 Lollipop Baby Favourite Designs

Jul 14, 2009

Thanks so much for those who entered my weekend Competition! I have enjoyed reading your feedback so much. There seemed to be different favourites for everyone, which makes me very happy.

Here is the top 3 though!

1. My Mum is A Hoot baby t-shirt/onesie. I think the owl makes it! :)

2. Giraffe Baby t-shirt and onesie – it’s one of my favourite too, and also comes in the personalised option!


3. Japanese Doll baby t-shirt and onesie, also comes in personalised option!

Also here are some of the comments and feedback from the competition:

I just adore the Giraffe. The head scarf is a delicious touch.

We love “little cupcake”. That cupcake looks mighty fine and would look great on! We think the little strawberry on the top of the cupcake that looks like a heart is super cute!

Stacks of unique designs to pick from! I love the “my mum is a hoot” T-Shirt with the owl. It’s a very clever play on words and uses a very ‘in’ trend at the moment: owls.

My vote definitely gowls to ‘my mum is owlsome’!!

i think i am in for the cheeky baby bonus written inside the plasma screen…definately made me chuckle

My favourite design is the Superhero one, under cute and quirky. It certainly is!

I love the Milkaholic Anonymous t-shirt and onsie it suits both my girls, one’s addicted to the breast and one to the bottle. Very fitting for two milk addicts. and so cute

What a fabulous Competition. Love all the designs was extremely difficult to choose just one though….

Have to say I love the “my mum is a hoot” shirt….its so fitting with me atm lol We also have twin owls that sit and visit us regularly.

I had so much fun reading your feedbacks — we may have to do it again soon! Thanks for playing with me!xxx


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