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Updated birthday design

Feb 19, 2009

A lady from Perth sent email today wondering if she could order a personalised first birthday t-shirt from Lollipop Baby and she needed it by tomorrow for her son’s birthday party in the weekend (it’s Friday tomorrow)! This wouldn’t be so bad if she wasn’t in Western Australia — Express Post doesn’t actually do next day service for WA. But we managed to get the t-shirt on a platinum express ride — (guaranteed??) to be arrived before noon the next day. What a rush-rush-rush but I am happy to help because I am a mother and I totally understand that life is no longer organised since your baby arrived!!  I hope this platinum express does what it guarantees to do and the t-shirt will arrive safely tomorrow.

Anyway, she asked me to do a little changes on the design so instead of only saying “Luca’s 1st” it would say “Luca’s 1st birthday” and I like it! I think it made more sense that our previous design so I will update this design in our website as soon as I have time. In the meantime here what the design looks like now.

Drop me a line on info@lollipopbaby.com.au if you’d like to order this design before I am able to update our shop website.

Personalised Baby first Birthday T-shirt

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