Why is my website not converting and how to fix it

Feb 9, 2018

What is it? Is it a bird? A plane? No it is….

Tweedle thumb.

So you’ve launched your online business and now you are sitting in front of the TV on Friday evening, keeping your eye on the Google Analytic on your phone while sipping your wine. Counting on the visits and views, and how  many of those visits convert to sales, or appointment bookings…

But nothing. Nada. Just the sound of the crickets.

Do you wonder why your site doesn’t give any conversion?

Well, obviously there are many many elements involved in website conversion, but today I want to talk about it from the Customer’s Journey perspective.

You only have a few seconds (less than six!) upon their arrival to your website to make an impression. So how do you plan the customer journey?

Can they tell straight away what it is that you actually do, or offer? 

People search the Internet because they have a problem, and they are looking for a solution (whether it is what mascara to use to make your eyelashes look longer, or to how to solve more pressing problems like finding someone who can teach them how to run their business or marketing).

But you see, most people are also lazy (I certainly am!). They don’t want to go around and around your website trying to find their solution. They want to have it straight away. Right there. Right away.

If they can’t find out what you do in the first few seconds they land on your homepage, it’s history. They will flock like a bird. Or is it a plane? Get it?

Ok – an example, people come to my website because they are looking for a graphic and web designer to help to create awesome branding and website that actually works. So as soon as they arrive at my website (www.lolipopcreative.com.au) they can see that what I do is:



They think I might be able to give a solution to their problem, so they continue scrolling.

Is there a call to action to follow through?

Do you want your reader to purchase that summer dress that you just stock? Put the image on the carousel with a link to purchase it.

Do you want them to book you for an appointment? Make sure you have the BOOK NOW button prominently on the homepage.

Do you want them to contact you? Make sure you have your contact details prominent either in the header or the footer.

Do you have a primary objective

Plan out the primary objective and secondary objective for your website. Make sure you have it on each page. A simple BOOK WITH ME button or GET A QUOTE is sometimes what you need on each page.

You might have different objectives on each page, and that’s fine but make sure there is an obvious path for them to follow throughout the site with clear calls to action (CTA) and leading them to perform that objective that you want them to do.

Make sure your site is easy to navigate.

Honestly, I normally browse the internet while I am cooking dinner or being a mediator between my eldest and youngest child, and complicated websites lose me.

We live in a busy world and with the internet, and we all want an instant gratification. So make sure you have an easy to navigate site, and no more than three level deep on your menu (think three clicks or less!)

Keep it simple.

Don’t confuse your visitor by asking for too many things. Are you focussing on your main goal?

Don’t ask your visitors to visit this link and that link and that link and get in touch to buy your products at the same time. Instead, use the opportunity to sell the one thing that is your main goal. So what is your goal?

How do you score on them and can you improve your site based on my suggestion above?

If you want to have a chat with me about how to improve your existing website or branding, I do offer 30 minutes obligation free chat.

Click here to book a call.



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