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Lollipop Jamie

These pictures are taken by dear friends in Singapore for Lollipop Baby. Their son is wearing personalied aeroplane baby onesie that I sent to them a few months ago (now a good fit!). Of course if you like it, you can get it at www.lollipopbaby.com.au. The...

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Free Downloadable Mother’s Day Card

We are counting down to Mother's Day. It's my second Mother's Day, and classic it may sound, all I want for Mother's Day is a sleep-in (but wouldn't mind a diamong ring thrown in it anyway!) Just a little freebie that I made this morning if you are looking for a...

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Gorgeous Babies & Kids Websites

Lollipop Baby has just been launched in February 2009, and in such a short time of my venture in baby fashion industry, I came across a few gorgeous blogs websites for babies and kids that I want to share with you. These blogs and websites give reviews on babies and...

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Colour Me Rainbow

When I started Lollipop Baby, my creations used very little colours, very minimalist and I use a lot of pastel and natural/bland colours. Gradually it changed into bright and cheery colours and slowly I developed my own style. Still simple lines and shapes, but bright...

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Lollipop Zoe

Linda sent this picture of her daugher Zoe wearing our personalised Japanese Doll t-shirt. She's so cute! I was having a rather bad day that day but this gorgeous picture cheered me up!  I always love getting pictures of lollipop babies! Thank, Lin!

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Mother’s Day Collection Early Bird Special

We are grooving up babies three-18 months old with special edition onesies and t-shirts for this year's Mother's Day. With statements like My Mum is a Hoot and My Mum is Owlsome, a Lollipop Baby will win every mum's heart on Mother's Day this year! I promise you they...

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Free downloadable Children’s Party Invitation

This month, our little Lollipop turned two. Or I should repeat it - TWO (oh time flies)!! Hence my project for this month was children's party invitation. I thought the animals from our Lollipop Baby designs are good for something unisex -- so this is what I came up...

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Without you we are nothing!

Every now and then we get returning customers who were happy with their purchases and came back for more, or with our case this week a lady who received Lollipop Baby onesie for her baby as a present and came to order another three onesies in return for presents. In...

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