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Lollipop Creative Studio is a Graphic Design Studio based in South East  Melbourne, Australia (Bayside/Kingston/Glen Eira). We provide graphic and web design services for small businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals targeting female audience – whether you are in retail, lifestyle, wellness, homeware industries or more!  

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My Mission


I am set to empower small businesses and fierce entrepreneurs in their ventures (like you!) to cultivate a visual identity and website that helps you destroy your business goals and conquer your competition. 

My mission is to make it as easy as possible for businesses to set up their branding & website, so they can go and do something that they really love.


How do we do that? 


I do it this by focusing on your customers and how you can help them, Whether you are a health professional, coaches or product based business, your customers are your hero.

I create an experience for you and your tribe. We devote ourselves to understanding your brand, your audience and your business goals and then together we take the journey that will destroy your goals!

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bayside brand design

Meet your new designer.

Hi I am Linda.

Being a female, a mum and an entrepreuner, I am passionate about working with small businesses and women entrepreneurs. I have worked with coaches, psychologists and marketing consultants helping with their branding & websites.  I have helped hundreds of female entrepreneurs to start up their online businesses, whether it is for baby and kids products, homeware, jewellery, crafts, blogs and more.

I want to make a difference for small businesses, the passionate and fierce entrepreneurs  who are making their dreams a reality. People like you.

Today I focus on helping small businesses make profitable changes.

The people I get to work with play a BIG role in why I love what I do. People often come into my world feeling frustrated, wanting a branding solution or a website that will help them grow their businesses, without adding an extra headache to the day to day challenge of running the business. Many of my clients were struggling with outdated websites that they couldn’t even edit themselves!

Being able to help people like you is 100% rewarding. It makes me feel amazing to be able to see how happy and proud they feel about their businesses. 


Fun fact about me

  • I am a self-confessed study junkie. I have degrees in Political Science, International Business, Marketing and Graphic Design
  • I started my career working in the advertising & public relations industry as account manager
  • I grew up in Jakarta until my mid 20s and since then have lived in Sydney, Copenhagen, Auckland and Melbourne, and worked in advertising agencies in Jakarta, Auckland and Melbourne.

With 15+ years of experience, I bring all these elements to the table with my strategic management skills & graphic design creativity to create memorable branding.

If you think we are good fit, get in touch and we can have a chat!

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