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Hosting & Care Plan Packages

Looking after your investment and number one sales person

Your time is so precious

I know you’re a busy business owner and your time is precious. 

When you’re running a business, you’ll find as you progress, there are many tasks that appear which you didn’t sign up to do. Maintenance of your website is typically one of these tasks. You didn’t sign up for this, so you’ll either grudgingly be managing this yourself right now… or even worse, not looking after it at all.

WordPress is a piece of software, just like the software on your computer or mobile device on which you’re currently viewing this page.

Software needs to stay updated as security fixes and updates are released on a regular basis. If you don’t update software, you run the risk of problems occurring. For a website, this can be quite serious as it can lead to websites being hacked, stolen data and exploits.

Do you answer ‘yes’ to any of these?


Your website keeps encountering issues that you don’t know how to fix.


Concerned about the possibility of your website experiencing downtime, potentially damaging your business’s reputation. down or be offline, harming the reputation of your business


Needing to take time out of your / employee’s day to keep your website updated.


Lacking a reliable source of assistance in case your website encounters issues.


Wanting business expansion while maintaining confidence in your website.


Lacking the available time to invest in making changes to your website.

Are you ready for peace of mind?

We’ll take out the hassle of your website maintenance, so you can focus on the task that are important to you.




We got your back. Your website is your 24-hour salesman for your business and service/products, so it is important to look after it. We help you feel confident that your website is operating with minimum interruption.




We will handle all the routine maintenance and backups so don’t have to worry about making costly mistakes. We do what we do best, to let you do what you do best – run your business!




Whenever you come across an issue with your website, we will be here for you to provide support and answer Relax, we’ve got you covered!. 



NO string attached

There is no minimum period so  you can cancel anytime (we want you to stick around because you enjoy what we do, not because you’re trapped!).



Additional services

Gain the opportunity to enjoy discounted Design ina day rates on our additional services, ranging from SEO, web design, email marketing, and much more.



What’s Included?


Premium Hosting

Our premium hosting promise 99% uptime with 24 hour monitoring. We also monitor to ensure you have enough allocated resources so your website is not lagging behind


Website Backups

We keep daily, weekly and monthly backup on-site and off site so we can restore your website to its previous “healthy version” with minimum downtime.


Access to Premium Plugins & updates

All our premium plugins (including your premium theme, premium SEO theme, and your developer licence booking system for unlimited bookings) worth at least $600/year are included


Software Updates

We make sure your website software and plugins are up to date with the latest version to ensure it is security and optimisation.


Security Protection

We invested in the proper firewalls and other security precautions to help your website more secured.


Wordpress Support

We make sure all the functionality on your website work the way they are supposed to be after each updates and nothing is broken


Website Optimisation

We also optimise your website for performance and speed, and check them every month.


Monthly Report

You will receive reports each month on your website performance, security, analytics and what maintenance actions we did for your site (upon request).

Your first month is on us!

 Sign up to our hosting and careplan package for your Website and your first month is on us!

*new clients only, T&C applies.


website updates


Care plan with free hosting


  • Managed Cloud High-Frequency Hosting
  • Care Plugin License (see list below)
  • Daily full website backups  (All sent to remote storage for extra security)
  • WordPress Core updates 
  • Theme updates
  • Plugin updates
  • Spam & revisions clean up
  • Database Optimisation
  • Monthly reports (upon request)
  • Monthly check for security risks, malware and errors
  • Discounted SEO/web development support rate


website updates


Premium care plan with free hosting


(Includes additional $250/month tools & services)

Everything in Sprinkles PLUS:

  • Managed Cloud High-Frequency Hosting
  • Care and Starbursts Plugin License (see list below)
  • Membership & E-Commerce add-ons
  • Monthly reports (upon request)
  • Monthly check for security risks, malware and errors
  • One free website restore per month, if required
  • SEO/web development support – 2×30 minute tasks* (can include Google search Console monitor and fixes)
  • Discounted SEO/Web development support rates 
website updates



(Includes additional $450/month tools & services)

  • Care Plugin License (see list below)
  • Daily full website backups  (All sent to remote storage for extra security) 
  • WordPress Core updates 
  • Theme updates 
  • Plugin updates 
  • Spam & revisions clean up
  • Database Optimisation
  • Monthly check for security risks, malware and errors
  • Monthly reports (upon request)
  • SEO/web development support – 4x30minute tasks* (can include Google search Console monitor and fixes)


  • Monthly payments are non-refundable.
  • Support is paid for in advance.
  • Direct debit will be set up for automatic payments.
  • * time does not roll over into the following month.
  • *Thirty-Minute Tasks are content edits, updates, or changes that can be completed in 30 minutes or less. Does not include new functionality or additional pages. 

Plugins, what’s included?

Sprinkles Plugins

All plans include plugin licenses and support for the duration of your subscription for:

  • Divi Builder (essential)
  • Divi Supreme Pro
  • Divi Module Pro
  • Divi Blog Extra

Speed & SEO Optimisation Plugins:

  • EWWW Image Optimiser (Premium version)
  • SEO Press Pro
  • Perfmatter (caching plugin for speed optimisation)

Total basic plugin worth is approximately $600 (USD400)

Starbursts and Super Sundae Plugins

Sprinkles Plans include plugin licenses and support for the duration of your subscription for:

All Care Plugins (value $400 per year)


Amelia – booking plugin

Woocommerce Divi Shop Builder – for styling WooCommerce

LifterLMS Infinity Bundle – add-ons for LifterLMS

Fluent Form Pro (for complex forms)

Total value of standard and advanced plugins is $3000 per year

What could you do with support hours

Website Changes

We can help you update your existing content or images on the website. Also adding or updating menu or helping some troubleshooting on your website.

*Excludes any design or functionality work.

Updating Content

Send your new blogpost to us and we will put it online. If you have anything that needs to be added or updated, just ask us!

Got Questions?

We are happy to answer any of your Wordpress or Digital marketing questions. 

Still have questions about Hosting & Careplan?

What is a care plan and do I need one?

Your website is your 24-hour salesperson for your business and service/products, so it is important to look after it.

You can totally take responsibility for this yourself but if you want me to do this for you, I’ve got your back!  I help you to get that peace of mind that all software is up to date, secure against any unwelcome attacks and that it is actually online and operational for your customers and users.

What happens if I don't keep my website up-to-date?

Contrary to what people believe, websites are not set and forget.

If you don’t keep your website core, theme, and plugins up to date, your website is at risk of not performing well or getting down, slow, and more importantly at risk of getting unwanted attacks.

While you have your plugins in tact, not updating your WordPress and plugins might break the website or stop  it to function the way it should be. 

How often do you update my website?

All of our careplans include:

  • Plugin updates
  • Uptime monitoring
  • Security scans
  • Performance scans
  • Backups

The number of plugins and type of plugins on your site determines how often you should update your website.

Do I have to use your hosting?

No, but you will be responsible for acquiring the premium plugins we use for your website, including the premium theme, plugins, and the booking system page are used for your website.

Our plan doesn’t only give you fast secured hosting but also peace of mind about your website performance, as well as access to our premium plugins (worth at least $600/year), troubleshooting, backups, and speed maintenance.

Why do I need premium theme & plugins?

Although WordPress is an open source platform, the themes and plugins vary in scope, quality and price.

I work only on with the best professional themes and plugins that make it really easy for you to use and update your website.

In order to get support from the developers of the themes and plugins, as well as automated security updates, you need to pay for a license.

As care plan customers, you will have the benefit of using my developer license which will allow me to use it on your websites.

Want to know about the tech and the plugins? Click here. 

Do you host emails?

We do NOT manage emails. We highly recommend you host your emails on a server and platform separate from your website for security reasons.

Some great platforms for emails include Zoho, Rackspace, Office 365 and Google Suite which do a great job for email management. See my resources page for more information.

Will you be available for support if I am not on your care plan?

If you prefer to book me on adhoc, yu can book me for a quater/half-day to help you troubleshoot and do additional work such as new plugins, features etc.

Keep in mind that I am often booked out so you might need to wait 2-3 weeks.


Can i cancel?

ou can cancel anytime.

Just simply email me and I will package up your website files and deliver them over to you to host, manage and maintain your own website moving forward in 7 days. We’ll include a copy of The Website Owner’s Manual which will help you keep track of all the important details about your website; including logins, routine maintenance, & answers to our most frequently asked questions to help you have continued success with your website.

You will be responsible for acquiring the premium plugins we use for your website but we will give you the list so you can purchase it yourself.


Ready to tell your story, make an impact and set your business up for success?

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