Our VIP Design Day Process

Curious how we can get it all done in day?

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A perfect, seamless and simple formula

For infusing high level conversion strategy and customised style to allow us to knock the socks of our project together in one day!

01. Say Hello

We get together via Zoom or phone call to have a chat about your projects and your goals for the project. During the meeting, we identify what can be done to initiate or achieve via VIP Day and how many days that you will need to complete your project.

What can be achieved depends on many factors on the day, for example, how quick you can turn around your feedback, how many changes you want to make on the day, whether you end up fully pivoting etc and we’ll have a chat about it on the day.


02. Book Your Design In a Day

Book your the date on my calendar during our meeting, or you can book your date online (please bear in mind that I am often 2-3 weeks booked in advance).


03. Preparation

As soon as you booked and paid the deposit, you will get instant access to my client portal, client worksheet, and the Pinterest mood board challenge. Don’t worry it is really not one of those neverending questionnaires as the idea of the VIP day is to simplify things.

It is important to have all the information that we need prior to the day though so we can get as many things done as we can in a day without all the back and forth.

This will help you to get ready for the intensive day. You will be able to email me with any questions during this time if you have any questions.


04. Kick Off Call

A 45-minute pre Design In a Day kick off call to iron out everything before I start working exclusively for you for a day. We will look at the prep work you need to do to get your project ready and make sure your messaging is on point.

We’ll also discuss your vision for the project, get a clear idea of the most important things you’ll need and to set expectations for the intensive day.


05. Pre Design in a Day Set up

I’ll walk away with the pre-intensive information and prepare everything that needed to be done to ensure we will hit the ground running and we can achieve as much as possible on the day.


06. Design Day

Here is the exciting part!

We will start the day with a kick-off email with estimated check-in times for parts of our process, depending on your priority list. This milestone will help you to plan your day around. You don’t have to sit around all day but it is important that you are able to give me feedback promptly so everything can follow the timeline and we can tick off your priority list as much as we can.

With immediate feedback, instant revisions and time to focus on just your project we never lose sight of your goals.

The nature of Design in a Day is efficiency. I am good at what I do and I’ve created a streamlined and efficient system that allows us to achieve maximum results in minimum time. Remember that the result will depend on all the pre-work that you have done, as well as your feedback, number of revisions and staying on track with your objective.


07. Post Design In a day

  • I will hand over your files and/or the keys to your brand spanking new online home and you can start showing it off.
  • You can sleep on it and send some tweaks/fixes in the next few days that I can do in one round of revision (up to 1 hour).
  • I will be available to answer any questions or to fix any bugs for 1 month after the project date.
  • You will have access to complimentary online training and your logins for you to access and add new content or edit existing content.
  • I have website care plans available and I can be your website wing woman for an hourly investment if you want me to add anything further.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get an entire branding or website built in a day?

When you book your Branding/Website in A Day, you’re booking me to work on your website project for a day, not a set of deliverables.

I have a seamless process, including prep work, discovery and feedback. And my detailed framework for swiftly strategising and creating branding/websites is based on 15 years of experience and hundreds of website projects just like yours.

Your branding/website design day cuts out all inefficiencies. It motivates you to focus and work towards your end goal. However, much will depend on your site’s size and complexity, and your prompt feedback on the day. If your site is larger than 4 pages or you’d like more revisions, we can book another day or half-day to get your website over the finish line.

What type of info/materials do I need to prepare beforehand?

You can help us maximise our time together by completing all the prep work in advance. I send a guide and content planner for you to upload before your Design Day, and youll need to prepare:

    • All images
    • All text 
    • Social media account links
    • Branding assets
    • Website domain details
    • Website hosting details

How available do I need to be on the day?

This is a real-time process and you’ll see your website taking shape before your eyes. You’ll need to be virtually available on the day and make quick decisions on the drafts I send you. The quicker you respond, the faster I’ll be able to keep working.

You don’t have to sit around all day but it is important that you are able to give me feedback promptly so everything can follow the timeline and we can tick off your priority list as much as we can.

While it is a very collaborative process, it is NOT an in-person or zoom intensive.  

Can you guarantee exactly what I'll get at the end of the day

When you book with me, you’re getting a dedicated day, not a fixed set of deliverables. If I promised deliverables I wouldn’t be able to consider all your feedback and change requests. Meaning you could potentially end up with something you’re not 100% happy with.

However, I structure the prep work so we have everything we need at our fingertips on design day. The better you’re able to complete this work and communicate with me on the day, the more I’ll be able to create for you.

What happens if we need more time to finalise the design?

Before booking with me, we chat about what’s possible. The amount of work I’m able to complete in a day depends on the complexity of your project, your swift feedback and commitment on the day.

If you have a list of design tasks that we don’t get through, you can book an extra day or half-day so we can tick everything off your design wish list.

What if I need time to think about it?

It can be hard for some to make quick decisions. That’s why I include an hour for post-Design-Day revisions. You have time to sleep on it and think about any changes you’d like to make.

What if something comes up that day?

I get it. Life happens. That’s why as a one-time courtesy, you can reschedule your Design Day at least 7 days prior with written notice. The new date must fall within 90 days of your original purchase. To reschedule within 7 days or if you have already rescheduled once, I charge a 25% rescheduling fee. If you don’t reschedule your Design Day within 1 week of cancellation, your project will be cancelled and you’ll be asked to rebook a new day at full price (see my T&Cs for more details).

No refunds are available from the time of booking.

How can the work be good quality if it’s done so fast?

I focus on efficiency but not at the expense of quality. We dig deep in our pre-Website In a Day strategy session and then I dedicate the whole day to your needs. Solid preparation and strategy consultation coupled with my design experience and your swift feedback mean there are no distractions, which accelerates the process.

Will it be overwhelming?

I won’t sugar coat it – this process is fast-paced and exhilarating. So if you’re not comfortable with this kind of dynamic collaboration, this service may not be for you. Instead, we can work together in a more traditional project style. Let’s chat.

Will I be able to update the website myself later?

Yes! We don’t hold your website hostage. After our work is complete, your website is all yours. What’s more, you’ll have access to my library of How-To documents in the Client Area of my website. These will help you update your content and add menu items, pages and posts, amongst other things. So you can easily update your content and make changes anytime you want.

Will you be available for support when my website is finished?

Of course! You have access to three forms of support. First, there’s a Client Only area on my website. Here you’ll find a library of information including a manual and How-To documents.

You’ll also have 30 days of post-design support via email.

Lastly, you can opt for a monthly care plan where I provide all theme/plugin licenses, updates and daily back-ups to make sure your website is always in tip top shape.

Do I need to commit to you for ongoing maintenance?

You don’t. But I will say this – it is the path to peace of mind. With an ongoing care plan you can trust your website is online and operational, with up-to-date software and security against unwelcome attacks.

Don’t want to opt for a care plan? No worries. I’ll send through your website’s owner manuals so you can keep track of all the important details. But you will need to set up your own hosting, buy your theme and plugin licenses and keep on top of important updates.


What website platforms do you use?

WordPress is the gold standard in website platforms. It has unmatched customisation and functionality (plus it’s great for SEO). Within WordPress, I highly recommend the Divi theme. It’s super flexible and features a visual drag and drop builder so my clients can easily edit their websites whenever they like (I provide easy-to-use tutorials in the Client Only section of my website).

Will my website work across all screen sizes?

Yes, I make sure your website functions well on all screen sizes. I’ll also submit your new site to the search engines (like Google and Bing) to make sure your site is found and indexed. You get 30 days post-VIP-Day support where I’ll closely monitor your site, check how it’s functioning and make sure everything is working properly. And if you find any bugs, just tell me and I’ll sort them out!

Will I lose my SEO rankings and links?

I make sure there is as little disruption as possible to your SEO rankings and links. If you need more SEO support, you can book a half-day for SEO Max. I also recommend you have your content written or audited by an SEO copywriter. (I know some great people – ask me for names!)

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