Branding that hits the sweet spot

every brand has stories. Every story is unique.


Wondering why some businesses seem to effortlessly attract and convert their target market … while others languish on the sidelines and struggle to gain any momentum?


Your brand is the key to the heart and soul of your business identity.We help small businesses creating irresistible & memorable branding that:


Tells your stories, your passions and your values


Resonates and connects to your tribe


Positions yourself as the chief of the tribe and on top of the competition


Whether you are in need of a brand new logo or to refresh an existing one, we will research, brainstorm and work on our ideas with logo and brand identity that tells your story.


stand out from the crowd


We work with small business logo design & branding for services or products targeting to a female audience, creative entrepreneurs and health professionals.

You will walk away with…


Clarity on your ideal customers, brand personality and how to position your business to stand out of the competitions.


Personalised Visual Identity that includes your logo final logo suites and supporting graphics/patterns/icons.


Supporting marketing and digital materials of your choice, aligned with your new branding and designed with your branding strategy and best marketing practices. 


Branding guideline to take the guesswork out of applying colours, imagery, and fonts consistently across your communication.

We love what we do

Latest Work

Our design process


Each project is broken down into discovery & planning, designing and building. We break down our project step by step in a methodological way so you don’t get overwhelmed.



Yep, it’s about to get intimate.

Our clarity core session will help you to understand what makes your business and your customers tick.

This involves questionnaires, phone calls, homework (yep!) and a lot of research with the goal of leaving no stone unturned. 



We will ask you to put together some colours, patterns, images that you think represent your business and vision,  and We will present an inspiration mood board (we call it Stylescape)  to ensure we are visually and strategically aligned.




The fun begins! We will bring your vision to life. We will start by creating mood-board based on your input. Once you are happy with the direction, we will create concepts for your logo & logo marks (when the main logo is not suitable), and then creating the complementary icons, patterns and/or illustration that will be used for your branding package.

You will have a set of revisions to tweak your preferred logo and stationery to make sure we get it perfect.



When your beautiful new brand is complete, you will be given access to the files on the USB stick & Google Cloud. If you also assign your website to us, it is time to get on more work!

Frequently asked questions

Do you design logo only?

We offer packages with clarify core session to start with,  because we believe anything you do for your branding should have a solid foundation that you can take with you when you are ready to elevate.

Logo is only one of the elements of branding identity that your business need to stand out of the crowd and every single branding element should work for seamlessly for your business. (Want to know more? Click here to find out more about our thoughts about branding)

how much do you charge?

Our branding package starts from AUD1800.

Download our pricing guideline here.

ARE WE a good fit?

It is such a big thing to trust your business baby branding to someone – we can totally relate.

The first thing we recommend is to look at our portfolio to see if our design visions aligned. This is a  great indication of whether or not we will be able to translate your visions into reality.
If you think we do,  please download our price guideline and if you are happy to go ahead, let us know and we can organise an informal chat to see if we are made for each other.


WHAT IS Discovery session?

I am glad you want to know!

Discovery session is a session we do at the beginning at our project for us to get clarity on  your ideal target audience, their problems and what you can bring to the table to help them. 

Once we identify this, we will work on strategy on how to attract, engage and nurture them.


what graphic design projects can you help with?

We can help you with logo design, stationeries (letterhead, business cards, with compliment design, stickers etc), promotional materials such as catalogue, brochures, annual reports, and social media designs packaging designs for your products. Find out more about how we can help your companies here.

Can you tailor the package?

If our branding package is not suitable for you, let us know and we are happy to have a chat and create a package that is more suitable for your needs.

Can you also help with the Website?

Absolutely! We would be happy to help with the website as well.

We found that we work best when we are involved from the beginning as we can design the strategy from the ground up. Your branding + website will work seamlessly and harder if you have a solid strategy to start with.


How many projects do you take on?

To ensure we provide the best experience throughout the process and the best outcome, we take limited projects at a time. Your project will have our undivided attention, but  there might be a waiting list before you start, so if you are interested in working with us, please get in touch asap to ensure you don’t miss the boat!

More burning questions? Check out our FAQ page.

Download our pricing guideline

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