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Branding In A Day

Mouth-watering branding and graphic design for service-based businesses.

Lets get your business branding done and dusted in just one day


You know stylish, distinctive branding helps position and differentiate you. It resonates with your clients and reflects the essence of who you really are. Building a business you love means being proud of your visual identity. But youre feeling hesitant because your branding is non-existent or misaligned.

Youre on a deadline or a budget. But you want to put your stamp on the marketing youre keen to start.

It would help to find a gifted graphic designer who listens and then makes it happen (without the faffing). Who knows just what youre looking for, even if youre not certain yourself!

So, what if there was a swift, affordable way to elevate your brand so effectively that it stands out, connects with your clients and renews your confidence, because it’s so unapologetically you?


If you’re looking for a more affordable way to invest in brand design, a quick turnaround and you’re excited by the idea of a dynamic same-day collaboration and project delivery – this is for you.

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Branding In A Day.

The most efficient way to get branding effervescing with your flavour.

Lets fast-track your branding project in a Branding In A Day. Youll go straight to the top of my schedule and shortcut the timelines and brain-zapping to-and-fro that usually comes with design projects. 

All thats required is you, me, some thoughtful strategy, and a sprinkling of design magic.

Our advance preparation work is surprisingly straightforward. The day itself is fruitful and fun. Plus, you have the opportunity to think and tweak. So, before you know it, you have a versatile branding suite so delicious it gives you the tingles and gets future clients licking their lips.


With Branding In A Day you’ll be able to…

Invest in custom design that attracts your dream clients without spending thousands of dollars
Skip the trial and error of low-budget design sites or Canva DIY
Eliminate wait times and the energy-sucking back and forth
Look and feel professional with branding that reflects your substance and style
Define or refine your positioning to stand out in a sea of samenes
Enjoy the fun, collaborative process of working with a graphic design professional
Put your brilliant business out there with 100% pride and confidence
Instantly grow your credibility and position yourself as the expert you are
Fill your calendar with dream clients who are salivating to work with you.

So, what can you get designed
in a day?

When you need to quickly get things moving in your business and you dont have the budget (or brain space) for a full brand strategy, this is a great way to get your branding sorted in a one-day sprint. I listen, then I make it happen, capturing your values and aesthetic in whatever materials you want.

Here are some examples of what we can get done in a day.

brand identity brand indentity package

Simple Branding Suite

2-3 design concept of typographic or simple illustration logo, with logomarks, brand guide, colour and font selection.

branding design melbourne

Marketing & Stationery Design

Business cards, stationery, social media, welcome pack, lead magnet, flyer design and more.

marketing stationery design small business

Pick ‘n’ mix of design tasks

Anything else you need to tick off your design wish list so that every client touch point is harmonious.

Note: This is what can be achieved on your branding days. It’s important to note, when you book your Branding in a Day, you’re booking me to work on your design project for a day, not a set of deliverables. I have been a designer for 15 years so I have a seamless bottom-up process that will help us achieve as much as we can in a day.

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Heres how your Branding In A Day works


Book it in

Choose your Branding In A day using my calendar to find a spot that works for you and book it in. (Not sure how much time you’ll need? Check out the guide above, send me an email or book a free 15 minute Zoom call and we’ll work it out.)


Prework & prep

I’ll send a workbook with all the info you need to prepare. Then we get clear on your objectives, vision and aesthetic in our Pre Branding In a Day strategy call. I’ll pore over your answers and materials. So on your design day, I have a really strong headstart.


Design Day starts with an email detailing estimated check-in times, so you can ask or answer questions, give feedback and see your branding come to life before your eyes. This will be via WhatsApp or Messenger. The faster I get your feedback, the more we can accomplish together. 


Hey presto!

When I’m done you enjoy instant gratification with completed designs and all artwork handed over to you (with the option of 1hr bonus design time, plus email support for 30 days to make sure you walk away with branding you’re obsessed with.)

The next morning…

You look at your branding and smile.

Because you know it’s a perfect reflection of your business and your services.

It will spark interest and connection with your dream clients. And help you grow a business you love.

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“The VIP intensive day was brilliant. The pre-work gave me both the time and the guidance to think through what I really wanted and how I wanted it to feel. Then on the actual day, Linda bounced lots of ideas around and I could give instant feedback. Such a great way of working! I get loads of compliments on my brand, and I always recommend Linda – she’s amazing!”

Vanessa Leyton, Hello Charlie 

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logo design therapist review
logo design psychologist review
Sean Casey - testimonial for Lollipop Creative Studio
Linda Bradley sits on the floor with a laptop on a round table, smiling at the camera. A mug and a pillow are also on the table and couch, hinting at a cozy corner perfect for graphic design work in Melbourne.

Fast track your logo and marketing treats designed in just one day (without the sugar rush)

Branding In A Day includes:

Pinterest mood board challenge

A fun way to gather visual inspiration.

Pinterest mood board challenge

A fun way to gather visual inspiration.

A client portal

Where you can easily share and access all your source materials,

Branding clarity workbook

Where you get super clear on all your brand fundamentals.

Pre- Branding In a Day strategy call

Where we chat about your vision and priorities, setting expectations for the day.

2hr Pre-Branding In a Day setup

Where I prepare everything so I can hit the ground running,

Branding Design Day

The exciting part when the magic happens!

Instant feedback & review

Where we collaborate in real-time to get the results you want.

Artwork handover

so you have all you need to consider and decide on any changes.

Final tweak

so we make sure you walk away 100% satisfied

Post-intensive support

Where I can answer any questions for 30 days.


$2500 (+gst)/day

“I was really impressed that we achieved as much as we did in the one day.  Linda was creative, communicative, organised, professional and most of all, open to changes based on my feedback. This would’ve taken days, if not weeks to achieve if I was working with other design organisations.  I would definitely recommend Linda and her VIP day for new businesses or those wanting to update their branding


Nikki Hills – Embrace Complimentary Medicine

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Still have questions about Branding In A Day?

How do you design in just a day?

My Branding in a Day is so achievable because we eliminate the fluff and faff. I’ve been designing for over 15 years so I’m able to deliver quality and value in the most efficient way. I’ve streamlined my skills and processes to get the best out of our time together. And of course, create the exact vibe you’ll love. 

Can you guarantee exactly what I’ll get at the end of the day?

When you book with me, you’re getting a dedicated day, not a fixed set of deliverables. If I promised deliverables I wouldn’t be able to consider all your feedback and change requests. Meaning you could potentially end up with something you’re not 100% happy with.

However, I structure the prep work so we have everything we need at our fingertips on design day. The better you’re able to complete this work and communicate with me on the day, the more I’ll be able to create for you.

Do I need to be available all day?

You don’t have to sit around all day but it is important that you are able to give me feedback promptly so everything can follow the timeline and we can tick off your priority list as much as we can.

While it is a very collaborative process, it is NOT an in-person or zoom intensive.  

Will I feel rushed to make quick decisions on the spot?

I understand it can be hard to make big decisions quickly. That’s why I include an hour for post- design day revisions. You can sleep on it and come back to me with any changes you’d like to make.

Will it be overwhelming?

I won’t sugar coat it. This process is fast-paced and exhilarating. If you’re not comfortable with this kind of dynamic collaboration, this service may not be for you. Instead, we can work together in a more traditional project style. Let’s chat.

What happens if we need more time to finalise the designs?

Before booking with me, we chat about what’s possible. The amount of work I’m able to complete in a day depends on the complexity of your project, your swift feedback and commitment on the day. If you have a list of design tasks that we don’t get through, you can book an extra day or half-day so we can tick everything off your design wish list.

What about payment and cancellation?

Payment secures your spot in my calendar and allows me to give you my undivided attention on your Branding In a  Day.

Because this means I can’t take on other work, no refunds are available from the time of booking. And no refunds are considered during or after the project period.

As a one-time courtesy, you can reschedule your Design Day at least 7 days prior with written notice. The new date must fall within 90 days of your original purchase. To reschedule within 7 days or if you have already rescheduled once, I charge a 25% rescheduling fee. If you don’t reschedule your Design Day within 1 week of cancellation, your project will be cancelled and you’ll be asked to rebook a new day at full price (see my T&Cs for more details).

Launch your website in a day

Fast-track your website  and get excited by the idea of a dynamic same-day collaboration and project delivery with Website  in a day.


Book your Branding In a Day

I only book a few Design Days a month and am typically booked out 2-4 weeks in advance.  Check out my availability and book to secure your spot.

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