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Marie Vakakis, a therapist with a passion for helping people thrive in their mental health and relationships, wanted to create a website to provide practical tools and strategies to enhance wellbeing and position herself as the expert.

Additionally, Marie aimed to sell speaking gigs and courses targeting parents and health practitioners seeking specialized knowledge in mental health and relationships. The website’s design focused on using vibrant and happy colors to stand out and personalized branding elements that reflected Marie’s personality and expertise.



Marie wanted a website that doesn’t look like a typical therapy website as she is representing herself as speaker and course creator on this website.

Her personality are fun and vibrant so the challenge was to create a unique design that represented Marie’s vision while maintaining a professional look.

The therapy web design also need to incorporate online courses and on demand courses, so we  integrate a secure and user-friendly online store that allowed customers to purchase courses easily and securely.


WordPress was chosen as the platform for its user-friendly interface and customization options.

Vibrant and Personalized Design: To create a unique design, a vibrant color palette was chosen, including cheerful and bright colors that reflected Marie’s personality and stood out from typical therapist websites. Custom graphics and illustrations were created to add a personalized touch to the website, aligning with Marie’s brand identity and vision.

Booking System Integration: WPAmelia, a popular booking plugin for WordPress, was integrated to set up a secure and user-friendly online course booking and online . The plugin allowed for easy product management, secure payment processing, and seamless integration with the rest of the website.

Customization and Personalization: Customization options in WordPress allowed for personalized branding elements, including customized fonts, color schemes, and graphics that reflected Marie’s vision. Custom illustrations and graphics were incorporated to add a unique touch to the website’s design and make it truly personalized.


Marie Vakakis’ website design using WordPress successfully created a unique and vibrant online platform for providing practical tools and strategies for mental health and relationships, as well as selling courses for parents and health practitioners. The personalized branding elements, vibrant colors, and seamless e-commerce functionality created a cohesive and engaging user experience. The website reflects Marie’s personality and expertise, empowering visitors to enhance their mental health and relationships.

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