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Project: Sustainability Coach Logo & Website Design

2 VIP design & website intensive


Ellen’s business includes sustainability courses, workshops, and free resources to help busy mums start to make one small sustainable change at a time to make a positive difference in their lives, their families’ lives, and the planet.

Ellen approached me to help design a logo and a website for her sustainability business. Ellen wants a  website where she can add all the resources, tours info, and workshop booking herself.

I helped Ellen create the base of the website (3 pages + blog which include Homepage, About, Contact ) in one of our Website intensive day so she can grow the site on her own.

We also nailed the logo, icons, font selections, graphic elements, and pattern on the first day of her VIP design Intensive.


The new website and branding are not only spot on but easy to maintain and updated by Ellen and her staff.


Logo Designer for Sustainability female coach
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Web design for sustainability course

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