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Website Design for childcare center, preschools, daycare & early learning centre in Bayside, Melbourne.


Minnows website redesign is a result of the childcare centre expansion. As they have added more branches in Bayside areas, including Beaumaris, Aspendale Garden, Dingley Village and Cheltenham, the owners feel the needs to revamp their long day care/ELC website to reflect their values and mission.


From the start, Minnows childcare web design focuses on highlighting their curriculum and what sets them apart from the other daycare providers in Kingston/Bayside area.

Minnows values the ancestor heritage, native flora and fauna to complement with their nature kindergarten.

We want the website to convey fun, nurturing and educating feels to ensure the parents to trust Minnows to be their partners in education.


Linda at Lollipops lead the building of our website with professionalism, knowledge and creativity. Our initial brainstorming session came to fruition with the final result being a place where families can connect with us. Lollipops listens and has the ability to put our vision into pictures and words, the whole package. Thank you Linda!

Naomi Salisbury

Director, Minnows ELC

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