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The branding logo for midpoint psychology represents the essence of the company, encapsulating its identity and message in a visually compelling design.
Two business cards with a geometric design showcasing effective branding.
A set of green and white coasters with the branding "mp" on them.
A letterhead template featuring the Midpoint Psychology branding with a green background.
A tablet with a Mindpoint Psychology  from Darwing branding on it, designed by Lollipop Creative


Midpoint Psychology

Branding In A Day


MidPoint Psychology, a newly established psychologist practice in Darwin, recognized the need for a distinct brand identity that would resonate with its diverse clientele. The target audience included professionals aged 25-45, both male and female, as well as retirees.

What we did (in a day!)

  • Main logo and logomark
  • Graphic elements that client can incorporate in their marketing and website design
  • Logo styleguide with colours and font selection
  • Business Card Design
  • Letterhead Design
  • Virtual meet background

We devised a unique logo that cleverly incorporated the characters M and P. This visual play not only formed the initials of MidPoint Psychology but also symbolised the practice’s mission to guide individuals toward a midpoint of mental and emotional well-being. The simplicity of the design was intentional, aiming to resonate with the modern sensibilities of the target demographic.

Neutral sage, pastel salmon, and nude were carefully selected to create a calming and inviting color palette. These hues not only instilled a sense of tranquility but also ensured that the branding remained inclusive, appealing to professionals managing their careers and retirees seeking a peaceful environment.

The color palette and logo design were seamlessly integrated across all brand collateral, from the website to business cards. This visual consistency helped reinforce MidPoint Psychology’s identity and created a cohesive and recognizable presence in the community.


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