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Mind Lift Psychology


Branding Package
Website In a day (2 sessions)



The branding design for Mind Lift psychology features bold and vibrant colors that deviate from the typical calming hues often associated with psychology logos. The chosen colors are intentionally selected to represent an uplifting and empowering tone, encouraging individuals to excel and thrive.

The logo incorporates a hand motif, symbolizing nurturing and care. The hand is depicted in a supportive gesture, reflecting the compassionate and caring nature of the psychology professionals at Mind Lift. It conveys a sense of comfort and assistance, evoking trust and reliability.

The use of plants in the logo design represents growth and development. The plants symbolize the progress and transformation that individuals can achieve through their psychological journey with Mind Lift. The use of plant imagery signifies resilience, strength, and potential for growth, aligning with the mission of Mind Lift to empower individuals to overcome challenges and flourish.

Overall, the logo design for Mind Lift psychology breaks away from traditional psychology color schemes and incorporates bold colors, along with hand and plant motifs, to represent the uplifting and empowering nature of their services. It communicates a sense of care, support, growth, and empowerment, which are fundamental values of Mind Lift psychology.



The 8 page website is done within two days session. 

Our website is a creative haven tailored to resonate with young high achievers and individuals striving to unlock their true potential. If you’re tired of feeling stuck and are eager to take control of your life, you’ve come to the right place.


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