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Logo & tag design for luxurious swimwear label, Munchkin Match.


Munchkin Match is a swimwear label offering matching outfits for women and children, that is nothing but stylish and classy.
The client wants the label to represent luxury, rather than cute, to attract social influencers who dress to impress. They enjoy sun, beach and being outdoor with their children.


We started the process with discovery session to pinpoint the target market and how to speak to them in the way that resonate to them. Once we establish that simple and classy is the way to go, we set off creating the logo. The icon represent bikini top and bottom in the modern diamond shape. The logo is printed on gold foil to impose the luxury and high quality of the swimwear.


After much decisiveness looks FANTASTIC thanks! Thanks for being patient!

Line Heinze

Designer/Owner, Munchkin Match

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