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Branding basics: The who, the what, the where and the how

Mar 17, 2018

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about branding your business

“I’ve been having flashbacks to gym class,” my client revealed.

“Everyone else has been picked but I’m left standing there with nothing to do and nobody to play with.”

You’d think my new client was recounting a troubling dream. But in truth, she was telling me what it felt like to have her branding fall flat.

“I know you said you have a logo,” I told her kindly.

“But branding is more than just a good looking logo. Here, let me explain …”

Twenty minutes – and two coffees – later, my new client was a total branding convert.

“You need to explain this to every business owner.”

She said passionately.

I laughed. “That might take a while. How about I write a blog on it instead?”

You’re clever, so you know where this is going … Yep, I’m going to walk you through the we-should-have-been-taught-this-in-school branding basics that will help you elevate your business – and your success! Let’s dive straight in.

Who needs a brand?


This is my favourite question to answer because it’s so simple yet revolutionary. Every business needs a brand. Every. Single. One. Whether you’re a business coach or a personal trainer, a freelance chef or a greeting card company, you need a brand.

What is a brand?


Okay, this one is really simple too … but also kind of complex, so bear with me. A brand is more than just a logo. (I should have that printed on my business cards I say it so often).   A brand is …

  • How your business presents itself online and offline.
  • How your business communicates.
  • How your business treats its customers.
  • Your businesses’ personality.
  • Your businesses’ values, philosophies and beliefs.
  • Your offerings.
  • What people say about your business.
  • What you say about your business.

That’s the complex part. The simple part? In essence, a brand is how others perceive your business. Which is both liberating and terrifying, right? It’s okay. Keep scrolling. I promise it’ll get easier  

Where is your branding seen?


Your written branding is seen on:

  • Your website
  • Your content marketing
  • Your social media
  • Your marketing collateral
  • Your emails

… Basically anything you write (or hire a professional copywriter for).   Your visual branding (and this is the bit I get all big-grin, sparkly-eyes excited about) is seen on:

  • Your logo – yep, you knew this one!
  • Your website (i.e. the number one conversion machine for digital businesses and offerings)
  • Your business stationery
  • Your social media
  • Your sales funnel material
  • Your email signature
  • Your marketing collateral and brochures
Visual branding is your biggest asset when it comes to powerfully connecting with your audience

  Aren’t sure how to create visual branding and graphic design that hits your target market’s sweet spot? I can help!  

How to build a brand for your business

Want the clean, clear and crisp intro to building a brand for your business? Here are five tips to help you get started.


  • Invest in graphic design and website design that is persuasive, connects with your target market and empowers a compelling visual identity for your biz.
  • Cultivate a clear brand voice and personality. This is the tone you will use when creating written communications for and on behalf of our business.
  • Tell your story. Storytelling is the most ancient – and beloved! – form of communication we have. Every brand has a story and every story is unique. Share yours with pride.
  • Stay true to you. Your unique point of difference is you! Don’t try to imitate others or soften your edges to appeal to more people. Be you. You’re amazing and wonderful exactly as you are.
  • Be consistent! Don’t change colour palettes or communication styles. Stick to the brand you’ve created. The only way to build a brand reputation is to, well, build Brick by brick. Day by day. Rinse and repeat.

And now that you know your way around a brand … are you ready to create one for yourself?

  Let’s do it! I partner with fierce females just like you to cultivate a visual identity and website that helps you destroy your business goals and conquer your competition. Ready to play?  

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