How to build a brand that appeals to your target market

Aug 16, 2018


Wondering why some businesses seem to effortlessly attract and convert their target market … while others languish on the sidelines and struggle to gain any momentum?


You probably know by now that I’m a complete fangirl for visual branding.

It’s what I do in my business – helping small businesses and fierce female entrepreneurs conquer the competition with memorable branding and websites – and it’s what I’m most passionate about.

(Well, besides good food and great travel.)

Which is why, when my clients ask me why some businesses seem to succeed while others don’t, my response is … Branding.

Really Good Branding. Yep, it deserves capitals.

And you know what separates regular ol’ branding from Really Good Branding?

Simple: whether it successfully appeals to your target market.

Let me explain.

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Branding your business to appeal to your target market


Think of your visual branding like it’s a gift for a loved one.

You wouldn’t buy your partner a gift just because you liked it (okay, you wouldn’t JUST buy a gift because you liked it) … you’d purchase something that you felt they needed and/or wanted.

You’d thoughtfully consider their personality, their values and what gives them joy and how you can bring more of that into their life.

In short: You’d buy something special just for them.

Just like your visual branding shouldn’t really be about what you like; it should be all about pleasing and appealing to your target market.

Because then your entire brand will feel like a gift designed just for them!

Which means you need to …


Step 1. Get to know your target market


After all, you can’t buy somebody the perfect gift if you don’t know what they like/dislike!

Which is why I always recommend investing some time in truly getting to know your target market.

If it helps you, create an imaginary persona for them, complete with:

  • Personality quirks
  • Career goals
  • Unique dreams
  • What drives their purchasing decisions
  • What they want more of in their life
  • What they want less of in their life
  • How they take their coffee

Seriously. This is one exercise that you can’t overdo.


Step 2. Come back to your ‘why’


Struggling to differentiate your biz in a saturated market?

The key lies in understanding and staying true to your ‘why’, i.e. your passion, values and what you bring to the table.

For example, my ‘why’ is that I truly want to make a difference in the lives of small businesses, passionate creatives and entrepreneurs.

It is my goal to make their dream a reality by equipping them with memorable graphic design and a website that’s more than just a pretty face … but actually converts too.

So, lady, what’s your ‘why’?


Step 3. Be authentic.


I know sometimes it can be scary to be the real ‘you’ in a world of filters and flat-lays. But the truth is that you are at your most appealing when you’re being your authentic, wonderful self.

Authenticity creates higher levels of empowerment and creativity, plus increases your magnetism ten-fold.

There is nobody else out there like you. So if you stand up and show up as you in every situation, you may just find it’s exactly what you need to attract your target market.


Step 4. Foster a bond with your audience.


When was the last time you let your target audience know they are important to you? Or invested in the relationship you have with them?

Go beyond a good logo and a beautiful website and make a commitment to bonding with your audience.

Ways you can foster a bond with your audience:

  • Focus on content marketing (like blogs and newsletters) that adds value.
  • Engage and interact with your followers on social media.
  • Continually ask yourself ‘How can I better serve and help my target market?’
  • Thank loyal customers with special offers and promotions.


Step 5. Be passionate about solving your customer’s problems.


I touched on this a little in step four, but one of the main differences I’ve noticed in the brands that ‘make it’ and the ones that don’t, is a commitment to solving their customer’s problems. 

This seems like such a no-brainer, but you’re here because you want to help make your target customers’ lives better in some way.

And even though I’m sure you have an offering that does just that, you can build a deeper and more meaningful relationship with your audience by offering complementary support and help too.

For example, I know that my web design helps my clients amplify their online presence and make more money by attracting their dream customers.

BUT that doesn’t mean I only offer my professional web design services!

Instead I make sure that I’m offering valuable content (like this) for free and continually thinking of new ways to help my clients succeed.

Because in addition to feeling AMAZING when your clients succeed, this is the kind of attitude that ensures you succeed too.


Step 6. Be consistent.

Finally, remember it’s not what you do once that counts; it’s what you do repeatedly.

Like Aristotle said, excellence is a habit, and the same goes for your business.

When you commit yourself to consistently showing up and adding value, magic will happen. Promise.


Areas of your business to be consistent in:

  • Client communication and processes
  • Brand voice and personality
  • Social media content and style
  • Content marketing
  • Visual branding across all platforms


Take these steps and I have no doubt your brand will appeal to your target market!


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