If I haven’t been around much lately, haven’t really updated my tweets as much — it’s because of this. We are expecting number two, and this little one is due in June! Just can’t believe it’s already 27 weeks and I am already in the third trimester!

Little Olli-pop is getting excited about it. We started mentioning the baby to him and he would pat my tummy and said “baby in mummy’s tummy”. Daddy & him start to read “There is a house in Mummy” and I am quite surprise that this 3 years old seems to understand more than we thought he would be.

I am very much well – and compared to the first pregnancy this one feels like a breeze and goes so fast. But really, who would have time to think about it when you have a 3 years old that you need to entertain the whole time!! I am looking forward to meeting the baby in the real life — but not really looking forward to the sleepless nights again 🙂



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