We have been mentioned – Pregnancy & Birth Magazine

May 3, 2009

Mum and I (yes, Mum is here from Indonesia for a few weeks! Love it when she’s here and our little Lollipop loves having her around too. Suddenly he doesn’t care about me) — anyway, Mum and I were at the supermarket last Friday getting groceries when I spotted Pregnancy & Birth magazine May issue is out on the shelf. And Lollipop Baby is on page 62 for ‘Shopping for Baby’.!! This is very exciting considering we missed out on My Child magazine last February (can’t stop banging my head on the table for that!)

The magazine featured our “Gone Fishing”, “Cowboy” and “Please be patient – I am toddling” onesies which are naturally a few of my favourites. They are available on our online shop, of course, at www.lollipopbaby.com.au and also available in baby’s t-shirts.


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