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Free downloadable Children’s Party Invitation

This month, our little Lollipop turned two. Or I should repeat it - TWO (oh time flies)!! Hence my project for this month was children's party invitation. I thought the animals from our Lollipop Baby designs are good for something unisex -- so this is what I came up...

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Without you we are nothing!

Every now and then we get returning customers who were happy with their purchases and came back for more, or with our case this week a lady who received Lollipop Baby onesie for her baby as a present and came to order another three onesies in return for presents. In...

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The Wisdom of O

My husband told me that I should start writing the wisdom of Oliver in my blog - it's something like the Wisdom of Pooh and the Tao of Piglet but something we learn from our son. So here is the first.

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Lollipop Freya

Just received this in my email box.  Freya is wearing Milkaholic Anonymous onesie. Look at that big grin! And while we are on the topic of pictures -- this morning,  my boy was wearing his Little Indian t-shirt , so I tried to take some pictures of him. Didn't work...

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Free Downloadable Postcards

Part of my commitment to Lollipop Baby newsletters is to throw in occasional freebie projects like postcards, birthday invitations that people can download and print at home. I just love using my t-shirt designs for something else beside t-shirts & onesies and if...

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We have been mentioned (so exciting!)

I am so excited this week -- with three websites mentioning our name! Style Collective mentioned us in their Junior page, saying "hopping for kids is one of the small joys in life that makes being an adult fun… it means that we can hunt around for adorable clothing...

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New Photo Gallery on our website

Finally!! Our photo gallery is up and running on Lollipop Baby website. The direct link is here. So if your babies have been lollipoped, I would really love to get their pictures wearing our Lollipop Baby designs. Send them to gallery@lollipopbaby.com.au and we will...

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Birthday designs

We all know baby's first birthday is special -- after all, it's the milestone which mark the victory of mums and dads (surviving the first year!) I have got a few requests for a personalised design with a birthday cake and candle for our onesies and t-shirts so I...

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Polaroid Project

This software has been around for a while and it's been installed in my computer for months! But i only got a chance to use it today (that, and also that I have forgotten all about it!). It's a perfect procrastinating tool and it's just sooo cute. Unlike other...

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