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Four ways you’re making a difference in the world right now as an entrepreneur

Mar 28, 2019

The truth about successful female entrepreneurs……

“I’m close to giving up.” my friend confided. “I started this business because I wanted to be a successful female entrepreneur … with all the accompanying perks. But the closest I’ve come to success so far is reading it on a bumper sticker.”

I finished my mouthful of croissant and shook my head. “No, trust me.” I reassured her. “You’re making such a difference in the world.”

My friend flashed me an expression of doubt. “Oh yeah? Gimme one good reason not to give up.”

“I’ll do better,” I smiled. “I’ll give you four.”

How you – and my friend – are making a difference in the world

What, did you think this article wasn’t about you too?

Yep, I see you, incredible female entrepreneur, working hard, innovating harder and channeling that fearless passion of yours into your business.

And even if it doesn’t feel like it right now, you are doing great things.

Here are just four of the ways you’re making a difference in the world.

1. You’re paying it forward.

Unless you’ve never spent a single cent with a fellow female entrepreneur or small business, then you can consider yourself an active patron of the entrepreneurial world.

Because somewhere out there, there’s a female entrepreneur or start up just like you, doubting herself. And you, you wonderful woman, invested in her. You supported her and by doing so told her ‘you are worthy of achieving your dreams’.

Whether it was hiring a help out with your visual branding, or engaging the help of a business coach to help you grow your brand, or even buying a coffee from your local family-run café, you paid it forward.

Which kind of makes you an entrepreneurial guardian angel, don’t you think?

Bonus (and why I know you’ll succeed): By paying it forward, you’ll build a positive brand reputation for yourself and get your name out there with your community and other like-minded business people.



2. You’re sharing your expertise.

Do you know that there are people out there that would kill for your expertise and skill set? Right now, they’re attempting to google their way out of a problem that you know how to solve.

Which is what makes your work so valuable!

You are changing people’s lives and making the world a better place for them.

So every time you share a social media post or write a blog or even chat to a customer, know that in that moment, you are making a difference.


Bonus (and how I know you’ll succeed): Contributing your expertise online and offline not only helps others, but it also showcases your brilliance and gives your audience a sneak peek of what they can expect from working with you.


3. You’re voting with your money


Ever considered that when you spend your money, you’re revealing what you value and what you’d like more of in the world? 

You choose where your money goes, which means those eco-friendly, fair-trade and small businesses with a triple bottom line – people, planet and profit – are being supported.


Pretty powerful, don’t you think?


Bonus (and how I know you’ll succeed): By showcasing your values and acting as a role model for others, you’re cultivating an entrepreneurial culture that supports sustainable success.


4. You’re inspiring others.


You are one of a kind. There is nobody else out there with your exact combination of skills, experience, expertise, values and talents.


And by following your passion and bringing your true, authentic self to every situation, you’re inspiring others to be true to themselves too.


Bonus (and how I know you’ll succeed): Your authenticity fosters higher levels of empowerment, creativity and wellbeing. A great space to be in when you’re helping others!


And when you put it all together, well, the truth is that you ARE a successful female entrepreneur because you’re out there changing the world!


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