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Before & After: Wendy Ray Logo Design + Rebranding

Oct 5, 2016

Logo Design & Rebranding for Digital Marketing Consultant in Melbourne.

Wendy Ray is a digital marketing consultant and coach based in Melbourne. After trading for a few years as Shine Bright Digital, Wendy Ray decided that the previous brand does not represent her at all.

Wendy wanted to keep the green pattern (see below her previous branding) but feels the need to update it as it does not represent herself.

Shine Bright Digital Old Branding


Wendy also feels like the name itself – “Shine Bright Digital” was a bit impersonal. Wendy wanted to reintroduce herself as the marketing digital expert, who can help business owners:

  • To create products and services that demystify online marketing
  • To encourage people to think more holistically about their marketing message
  • Personalized advice specific to their business journey.
  • Take away the overwhelm and show them where to focus.

Initially we wanted to create a geometric icon that represent holistic, integrated content, social and email strategy that allows the client to be seen, be of service and shine bright online.

The challenge with her branding though, is to ensure she attracts the corporate markets as well as individual female entrepreneurs.

Upon receiving her brief, I proposed a few logo concepts for her perusal.

wendy ray digital marketer logo design concepts

After a few back and forth with the complicated patterns and options for the logo and could never get it right, we decided maybe we should go to simplicity – after all, her expertise is to simplify the web of the digital marketing!

Here is the final logo for Wendy Ray:

Wendy Ray Digital Marketing Coach Logo Design

Once we settled with the logo (I just can’t believe two triangles (that represent the letter W) could actually create such an impact! It fills the brief perfectly), we started working with the business card design.

Again we wanted to make an impact so we had the metallic spot ink printed on the matte black luxurious thick cards.

Wendy Ray Digital Marketing Coach Business Card Design

Wendy Ray business card design - front and back

Now the other challenge mentioned before was that Wendy was keen to keep her existing brand elements as possible so there won’t be much of a big jump from Shine Bright Digital to Wendy Ray – Content Marketing Consultant & Coach so we keep the green pattern while introducing the second pattern to complement it.

Branding pattern for Wendy Ray


And lastly, with the new logo and the elements, we created the social media templates for Wendy. She will be able to use the template for her Instagram quotes – all branded so all shares will link back to her brand. We also created the facebook cover story that tells story about her and the branding preposition.

Wendy Ray Social Media Designs

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