What I Learn About Running a Business from my Melbourne Aquarium Visit

Apr 21, 2016

Today I discovered a few facts from my Melbourne Aquarium Visit that I could apply to my business.


So today I had a day off and I volunteered to accompany my son’s class on their excursion to Melbourne Aquarium. There were 20 of these 5-6 year-olds and 6 adults so each adult is responsible for 4 children, but that’s a different story!

We had an educator with us all the time as part of the school excursion and he explained some facts about all these water creatures. I came home with some fascinating facts about the water creatures and this are the things that I learn about running my business from these creatures.

fact 1. Crocs are ancient creature.

What Did I learn from it? “Adapt to the changes and adjust your business the way the world changes.”

Crocodiles have flourished for more than 200 million years and the reason why they still exist is because they are a very highly adaptable creatures.

How should we implement it to our business?

I can think of a few examples on this but the the most radical change that we have in business and marketing is probably digital media and social marketing. A few years ago, no one ever heard of digital marketing. Now every purchase decision is an informed decision based on the information you provide on your website, social media reviews and internet search.
This takes our marketing strategy to different path. If you don’t adapt, you might not survive the competition.


fact 2.  Some turtles have option to breathe from their bottoms!

What did I learn from it? “Problem solving is about finding options and choose the best from those options.”

Some turtles could choose to breathe either from their noses or their bottoms (for some scientific reasons that I will spare you with).

Just to show you that when it comes to problem, there can be more than one option on how to solve it and  business needs to choose the best of the options based on your situation and projected outcome.


fact 3.  Barramundi is born as a male and turns into female when it matures.

What did I learn from it? “A striving business always evolve.”

Sometimes business evolves to the direction you would never guess it would end up to. But as you work on your business, understanding your products, service, customers and the market more than you have, you would realise that you can’t stay still on one spot to thrive. You need to adapt your business model to fit market needs.
As the business evolve, so is your branding and marketing plan. You might love the logo you had when you started up, but you might then realise that your business is now going to the different direction that what you set up initially.  Then you know you need to work on the new plan to target the right audience.
I started my business as a baby cloth designer and as it grows, I realise that I could use my skills better by actually helping my competitors growing their brands. So I started logo design, stationery design, marketing collateral and website designs  for some of the baby and children’s brands and online/e-commerce shops. Next thing I know, I branched out my market by providing these services to small business and female entrepreneurs growing their brands.

(PS. Shameless self promo –  Check out my portfolio here if you haven’t)


Fact 4. Crabs molt when they can’t fit into their old shells. Also they live in a colony.

What did I learn from it? “It is ok to come out from your comfort zone to grow your business. And also find your tribe, they are the one that will help you push through.”

Ok. I am the first to admit, I was too scared to grow my business as I would have to deal with tax, GST, marketing, networking and all that nitty gritty that come with growing your business.

Then I thought “Stuff it! I just have to do it”. My first step was to join a forum of  female graphic designers of the same mind. I also joined a local network business  for mums who own business. It was my first step to conquer my fear and as it turns out, they have become my tribe that are always pushing me to go further and further.


fact 5. Most of the 6 year old children’s favourite thing at the aquarium are the sharks. Why? Because these guys have reputation!

What did I learn from it? “Simply any PR is a good PR.”

Be your own Public Relation officer and throw yourself out there (in the good way of course). Promote your business, learn how to sell yourself and work on your spiel why you are the best, give advice on things that you know best and be the best ambassador for your brand.




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