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How to make the most of your new website

Great Kids Fashion Hunt

Lollipop Baby has joined The Great Kids Fashion Hunt on http:/www.kidsfashionreview.co.nz along with other Australian & NZ kids companies for a great cause. Each day throughout JUNE 09 Kids Fashion Review members, can search through different websites looking for...

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Bloggie Disaster

Yay! Lollipop Baby new shop front finally goes live. With a price to pay. Actually I have to say it had done me in last night. Being a DIY queen/freak I did this all myself. Lots of errors later, it's on. Then it's my blog turn -- since I had to move the directory....

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Job Description: Mother

There is notice on the door at the entrance of Oliver's daycare which I kept seeing everytime I drop him off and pick him up every Monday and everytime I remember that I was going to put it up on my blog. I should have put it up on Mother's Day a few weeks ago -- very...

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Lollipop Zoe – update!

It's always a nice surprise receiving another picture of Lollipop Baby. This one is special because her mother sent one a few weeks ago and she sent another one just yesterday - another version of Lollipop Zoe wearing the personalised japanese doll t-shirt on top of a...

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Blog Link-a-thon

Lollipop Baby participated in MomDot's Blog Link-A-Thon to help each other promote our blogs, and here are the list -- there are over 300 blogs to read to keep everyone busy! Maybe a blog a day? Well that will keep you busy almost a year round!

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Flat out….

And how do you find time for yourself when you run a family enterprise, a home business and trying to have balance of life as well ? I sometimes wonder....

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The winner in the making!

Congratulation Sally Westcott on your winning! Our little Lollipop drew your name from our mixing bow (I was going to use one of my hats but nothing really fits so a mixing bowl just had to do)  and you won a personalised nursery wall-art for the nursery! I will be in...

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Mathilda’s Market

Received these gorgeous photos  in my inbox this morning from our friends Anne & Sue from Mathilda's Market. Mathilda's Market is a fabulous niche market that offers unique, stylish and affordable baby & kids goods that are lovingly handmade or from limited...

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Getting ready for the First Draw!

But you have to wait for the newsletter to find out if you are the winner- it's out in a few days! We have quite new subscribers through out the month- I was going to put all the names in the hat but nothing fits so a mixing bowl will have to do!

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