How to make the most of your new website

Using Pinterest as Your Inspiration Board

"I am not sure what look and feel that would appeal to me..." "I know what I want when I see it..." "I am not a very visual person. I don't know what I like and not, let alone my audience." Sounds familiar? These are only a few comments that I sometimes get when my...

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Ultimate homepage Checklist

Homepage is the entrance to your website. Just like the exterior of the house, it is the first thing that people judge when they visit your website.   The common problem that I encounter as a web designer is that client normally doesn't know what to include in...

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I have spent an interesting week and testing some Instagram grid apps to find what is most suitable for our business, Lollipop Creative Studio. These apps allow you to arrange your Instagram Grid nicely and let you schedule the posts ahead. There are heaps of...

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How To Use your New Instagram Template with Canva

What you need: Your branded template for your Canva. Depending on what you have chosen, you might have a blank frame in the transparent background (see figur 1) that you can superimpose on your product images, or a blank template where you can add your own quotation...

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How to build a brand that appeals to your target market

Successfully branding your business Wondering why some businesses seem to effortlessly attract and convert their target market … while others languish on the sidelines and struggle to gain any momentum?   You probably know by now that I’m a complete fangirl for...

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Why You Need a Brand, Not Just a Logo

Why do YOU NEED A BRANDING and not JUST A LOGO   If you have read my post about the Branding Basics, you would have known that we at Lollipop Creative Studio is a firm believer that every business should have a brand. Whether you are a psychologist, a coach or an...

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When can you expect your business to ‘take off’

How to predict and measure start-up success You’ve been waiting for The Moment. The moment when finally, finally you feel like you’ve made it. When you can look at yourself in the mirror and say, with confidence, “I am successful.” But, wait, when is that moment...

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Why Website Maintenance is a Key To a Succesful Website

Have you been taking your car for regular services to the mechanic? How about your phone? And your computer? Have you been updating the operating systems for them? Just like any software or a car, your website requires maintenance to keep it working properly. It is...

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Branding basics: The who, the what, the where and the how

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about branding your business “I’ve been having flashbacks to gym class,” my client revealed. “Everyone else has been picked but I’m left standing there with nothing to do and nobody to play with.” You’d think my new client was...

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